• Jeju Love Land South Korea
    South Korea

    Jeju Love Land, 20++ Adult Special Tours In South Korea

    In various countries there are a variety of tourist attractions ranging from educational themed tourist attractions targeting the children’s market, marine tourism for marine biota lovers, to tourist attractions with interesting installations of Instagrammable art. Adult Only Tourist Area All of these attractions can certainly be visited by all people of all ages. However, if you visit Jeju Love Land, you must be over 20 years old before entering the tourist area. Overall, Jeju Love Land certainly looks like a separate art island full of sensuality. Jeju Love Land is indeed a tourist place with an erotic theme. However, they also show the world of sex in a humorous way.…

  • Tripitaka Koreana
    South Korea

    Tripitaka Koreana, Past Korean Historical Records at Haeinsa Temple

    Haeinsa or Haein Temple is known as the main Buddhist temple throughout Korea. Haeinsa was built on top of Mount Gaya, South Gyeongsang Province. Based on historical records, the construction of the Haeinsa Temple began in 802 during the Silla kingdom. According to legend, there were two monks, named Suneung and Ijeong, who returned from China, successfully curing the disease of the empress of King Aejang. The renovation As an expression of gratitude and thanks to the Buddha, the king then built this Haeinsa temple. The renovation process at this temple complex has been carried out several times since the 900s, up to 1644. King Taejo provided assistance to the…

  • Changdeokgung Palace
    South Korea

    Changdeokgung Palace Seoul South Korea

    Changdeokgung Palace is a royal palace in the Joseon Dynasty in Seoul. It is located in the east of Gyeongbok Palace, so the Changdeokgung Palace is also called Donggung or East Palace. Glorious Palace of Virtue The name Changdeokgung means “Glorious Palace of Virtue”. Gyeongbokgung Palace serves as the old palace in the role of a government center surrounded by ancestral temples, sacrificial altars, and government offices. However, The King prefers Changdeokgung Palace to become a residence, compared to Gyeongbokgung Palace. The Changdeokgung Palace became a government-owned asset and was opened to the public after the Joseon government ended in 1910, Until now, this complex continues to be the pride…

  • Hallyeohaesang National Park
    South Korea

    Hallyeohaesang National Park South Korea

    Locations of Hallyeohaesang National Park Hallyeohaesang National Park is located in South Gycongsang province, South Korea. Hallyeohaesang Marine National Park covers areas including Geoje Island, Hansan Island, and the surrounding islands. Hallyeohaesang is located in South Gyeongsang province, South Korea. Hallyeohaesang Marine National Park covers areas including Geoje Island, Hansan Island, and the surrounding islands. This National Park is one of the eight most scenic spots in South Korea. It has biological richness including flora and fauna. Hallyeohaesang began to be known since it was designated as a national park in 1968 and became Korea’s national marine park. It has an ecosystem consisting of thousands of islands and Hallyeo waters The park…

  • Dadohaehaesang national park
    South Korea

    Dadohaehaesang National Park South Korea

    Dadohaehaesang National Park In 1981, Dadohaehaesang was designated a national park by the Korean government. covering an area of ​​2,321 km2, consisting of 334.8 km2 of land area and 1,990.4 km2 of water area. Then, the island’s wealth is 1,596 large and small islands. As such, Dadohaehaesang is the largest marine national park in South Korea. As one of the most popular tourist attractions, the islands are visited by around 560,000 tourists every year. Locations of Dadohaehaesang National Park Dadohaehaesang National Park is located in the southern and western waters of South Korea. Its territory spans three districts in South Jeolla Province, namely Wando, Goheung, Sinan, and Yeosu City. The islands…