• exploring phuket by boat

    Exploring Phuket by Boat | Thailand Tourism

    People who want to experience the natural beauty of Phuket in a different way can take a boat trip. In addition to seeing the scenery, this is a good way of getting around in Phuket and boats travel to various different piers on the island. Tour companies on Phuket offer a range of different boat trips for visitors to choose from, ranging from just a few hours to several days. Phuket Long Tail Boat Trips Traditional Thai long tail boats line most of the main beaches on Phuket. These beautiful boats feature a motor on the back and are able to whip through the waves in a mere matter of minutes. Private long…

  • songkran water festival

    Songkran Water Festival | Thailand Tourism

    The beginning of a new year according to the traditional Thai calendar is celebrated throughout the country with religious ceremonies and public celebrations as the Songkran festival. Everywhere in the kingdom people are splashed, doused, showered with water and hardly anyone who dares to go out on the streets at this time will be able to stay dry. Similar to Western or Chinese New Year celebrations, the Thais celebrate their Songkran water festival with the same, if not even greater, passion for having fun. But what is unique about this festival is the ubiquitous pouring of water, in which you can see an exaggeration of the ancient tradition of pouring…

  • wat arun

    Wat Arun, The Temple of the Dawn | Thailand Tourism

    Wat Arun, The Temple of the Dawn, with a height of approx. 80 meters is not only one of the tallest religious buildings in Thailand, but also the most famous landmark of Bangkok in the Thonburi district. When King Taksin founded the new, provisional capital in Thonburi after the destruction of Ayuthaya, an older temple with the name Wat Chaeng was already standing at this point. (According to another version it was called Wat Makok.) At that time, this Wat was already in need of repair. The king made the decision to enlarge it and to bring its central tower from 15 meters to the present height. The renovation took…

  • Ancient History Of Thailand

    The Ancient History Of Thailand

    Thailand offers a variety of cultural and historical testimonies from 700 years of history, as well as an enigmatic world of myths and legends that is close to the ancient Indian. Much of it is still unexplored. Accordingly, the Thais come from a “northern, cold mountainous country” (possibly from the Altai Mountains in northwestern Mongolia), which they left in order to hike in long stages across China east and especially south. The first migrations are said to be around 2700 BC. have taken place. Here the emergence of the kingdoms Aliao and Nanchao is described, which are considered to be the forerunners of the later Sukhothai empire. Regarding the time…

  • Krabi Krabong

    Krabi Krabong, Thai Traditional Martial Art

    In its history, which was shaped by many attempts to be colonized by neighboring countries or European countries, Thailand has repeatedly managed to oppose such invasions and to be victorious. Ultimately, it is thanks in particular to the strong fighting power of the Thai armed forces that Thailand was never colonized and has remained independent to this day. The strength is based on martial arts, such as Muay Thai (Thai boxing) and the Krabi Krabong. Especially in the periods Sukhothai, Ayutthaya, Thonburi and in the first part of the Ratanakhosin period, a great many armed conflicts were waged. Not only were the common soldiers and officers trained in these martial…

  • the grand palace bangkok

    Must See Top Thailand Tourist Attractions

    Must see top thailand tourist attractions include the spectacular Grand Palace in Bangkok. It is the cities most famous landmark. The Grand Palace continues to have visitors in awe with it’s beautiful architecture and intricate details. This is truly the spiritual heart of the Thai Kingdom and a must see attraction. Phi Phi Island Phi Phi islands are located 45 KM east of Phuket. This is a very popular Thailand tourist attraction. Here you can experience everything from cliff diving to lounging on the beach and snorkeling. The area of Phi Phi Islands covers 6 islets altogether, namely Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Le, Mai Phai (Bamboo), Yung, Bida Nok…

  • The Elephant Conservation Centre in Thailand

    The Elephant Conservation Centre in Thailand

    Have you ever wondered that if the elephant in Thailand is different from the elephant in Vietnam? Come to Chiang Mai, Thailand and find the answer. It will take you one hour to come this destination, the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre. You will not only look at by naked eye but also see how the elephants are treated when they are ill. There is a hospital called Elephant Conservation Centre. It is 500 hectare and under the Royal Patronage. All elephants which are captured wide and domesticated are looked after in this Centre. The center, whose main target is to protect Thai elephants, studies on various academic and veterinary projects…

  • travel with children

    Travel with children to Thailand

    Have you ever intended to go travel with your child? Is it boy or girl? Whether having any obstruction or not? I think going travel with children is so exciting. Thinking of place where you will go; for example Thailand. It is good choice because Thais are fond of children. If you are European and having lovely children with blond yellow hair, surely you will be received much more attention than others. People find it difference, sometimes they glare at you but do not worry, and it is just friendly. And the difference in language is not a problem because theĀ children find it easy to make friend. Especially in Bangkok,…

  • Thai Culture

    4 Tips Thai Culture You Should Know

    The way to present what is fundamental in Thailand, as shown by Thai people, especially Thai officials. There are four points in the presentation that travelers in Thailand would do well to watch, too. Many foreigners from countries where the freedom to behave as it will be accepted anyway. Any difficulties caused by the authorities, such as intrusion treated and responded accordingly. Thai government officials have a much higher status than in countries like New Zealand, Australia, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It ‘important to understand this difference in dealing with them. Anyone, including foreigners who profit from when foreigners show respect. The alien must understand that this…

  • phuket tourism

    Places to See When Visiting Phuket, Thailand

    Phuket is one of the most beautiful destinations in all the world. While lounging about on its gorgeous, alabaster beaches is certainly a dream vacation, there are plenty of other things to see and activities to do as well. For instance, visitors will love going on a walk, hike, boat trip, or drive, to see the many breathtaking viewpoints in Phuket. The sunrise and sunset views are absolutely stunning. Old Phuket Town is also incredibly interesting. Filled with Sino-Portuguese treasures and plenty of funky, edgy shops and stores, it is rife with a one of a architecture, which mixes Chinese with colonial. For a cultural experience, a visit to Wat…