Cerme Cave Yogyakarta – The silent witness to the spread of Islam in Java

Cerme cave is a former meeting place used by “Walisongo” to sprea and teach the Islam religion in Java. The word “cerme” comes from “ceramah”, a speech that was held during the meeting when discussing the plan of the establishment of the Great Mosque in Demak, a city in the northern part of Central Java.

The cave is a 1200 meter long alley which has beautiful stalactites and stalagmites and a cool, clear stream in it. The average depth of the stream is about one meter, ending at the exit gate of Ploso village Giritirto, Panggang, Gunung Kidul Regency.

cerme cave
cerme cave – credit photo: jogjapost

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Beside the main cave, there are smaller caves which used to be a meditation places like Dalang cave, Ledhek cave, Badhut cave, and Kaum cave. On Monday or Tuesday, “Wage” nights, there are many

visitors who want to get the God’s blessing by performing thanksgiving ceremonies. During holidays, many students and youth also visit the cave. Along the alley in the Cerme cave, there is a stage at used to be a meeting place.

Cerme cave is located in Srunggo, Selopamioro, Bantul Regency, about 22 km from Yogakarta. One must first step 759 meters of stairs to reach the front gate of the cave. It is better that the visitor contacts the “Juru Kunci”or the cave guard first to get the proper information and guidance.

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