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As of September 1, 2019, the Lion Air Group airline applies a new baggage tariff provision for every baggage purchase at check-in at an airport due to excess weight or luggage dimensions. For that, you should make sure the size of the luggage to be put in the trunk or cabin of the aircraft, to avoid expenses caused by excess weight of luggage.

Below is a list of baggage provisions applied at several domestic airlines in Indonesia.

1. Lion Air

Lion Air applies the 0-kilogram baggage allowance. This means that if you travel on a Lion Air airline and require luggage facilities, you will need to pay baggage rates at check-in. Rates are calculated based on weight, time of day you travel, and distance traveled. Therefore, you can use the baggage cabin to put your carried items if you don’t want to be charged baggage rates.

the dimensions of the item that can enter the cabin are not more than 40 x 30 x 20 cm. For luggage that is not registered or brought into the cabin, the weight of the suitcase or permitted items may not exceed 7 kilograms. Lion Air provides a quota limit for passengers who want to purchase luggage which is a maximum of 30 kg.

2. Batik Air

The airline, which is still in the same group as Lion Air, provides unregistered baggage facilities, which means passengers can carry no more than 7 kilograms of luggage in the cabin. Each passenger is allowed to carry one bag (suitcase and so on) into the cabin and 1 laptop bag or 1 handbag. The dimensions of the main cabin luggage bag may not exceed 40 x 30 x 20 cm.

Batik Air provides free baggage facilities for passengers as much as 20 kg. The amount of checked baggage that you can get for free will vary according to the class of the trip and the ticket terms and conditions.

For most destinations, free checked baggage allowance obtained by passengers is determined by weight. Business-class passengers are permitted to carry luggage with a weight of not more than 30 kilograms and economy class 20 kilograms.

3. Citilink

Citilink provides registered baggage facilities for each passenger with a maximum weight of 20 kg. Citilink also sets baggage rates according to when the flight departs, distance traveled, and weight of each passenger item. “As for excess baggage, the price varies, depending on the time and distance of the flight. Currently, for checked baggage (domestic flights) the maximum weight is 20 kg for A320 aircraft and max 10 kg for ATR aircraft. As for flights, international passengers get a maximum quota of 10 kg. Citilink also provides luggage in the cabin with a maximum weight of 7 kg of goods. “For cabin baggage a maximum of 7 kg, maximum dimensions are 56 x 36 x 23 cm (for A320 aircraft) and maximum dimensions are 41 x 34 x 17cm (for ATR aircraft).

free baggage

4. Garuda Garuda

The Indonesian government-owned airline provides free luggage facilities with a maximum weight of 20 kg for economy class passengers. For business class, the maximum is 30 kg and for first-class, the maximum is 40 kg. Cabin baggage only includes items or objects suitable to be carried into the passenger cabin with a maximum limit, length 56 x 36 x 23 cm. However, the sum of the three dimensions does not exceed 115 cm or weighs 7 kg.

There are exceptions to the Economy Class CRJ and ATR, which are a maximum limit of 41 cm long, 34 cm wide, or 17 cm thick, but the sum of the three dimensions does not exceed 92 cm or 7 kg in weight.

5. AirAsia Indonesia

AirAsia Indonesia provides free luggage only for domestic passengers, which weighs 15 kg. If you carry items exceeding 15 kg, you must pay the excess baggage fee. For cabin baggage facilities in Airasia, the items you carry may not exceed 56cm (height) X 36cm (width) X 23cm (length) size. Items that can be put under the chair in front like a laptop bag or a handbag or a small bag. Items carried to the cabin must not exceed 7 kg in weight.

6. Sriwijaya

As of March 2019, Sriwijaya Air officially reduced the Free Baggage Quota. There are baggage adjustments for economy class from 20 kg to 15 kg, and ATR from 15 kg to 10 kg.

The dimensions of the bag or suitcase carried into the cabin do not exceed 56 cm x 33 cm x 23 cm and weigh 7 kilograms, so that they can fit into the cabin top compartment. While the carrying bag must be loaded to be put under the passenger seat during the trip.


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