Cooking Tips when Camping

Cooking Tips when Camping

One of the most important parts of camping is what you eat. If you are in the outdoors you’ll probably feel that bit hungrier than if you’re at home and enjoying a sedimentary lifestyle. This means that food is very important and the decisions you make regards food are very much a significant part of the trip. Though, you may have Solid Fuel Stoves, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be good to go. So, here are some great ideas for eating when out and about.


By planning the meals you are sure to get all you need on your grocery shop beforehand. The meals you choose are down to you, your abilities and your Solid Fuel Stoves. However, without all the ingredients you are stuck and won’t be able to cook what you’ve planned.

Prep Foods

By prepping all your fruit and vegetables before you come you can simply add them to the Solid Fuel Stoves pan and cook them. This eliminates the need to prepare, chop and cut them. Simply place them in Ziploc bags and containers and then bring them with you in a cool box.


These are often expensive – so, why not place them in containers before you go and you can then just place them in the cool box with the vegetables. This means you won’t have to fork out for small sized condiments and also won’t have to bring the larger home ones and then run the risk of them spoiling.


This is also important and makes it easier to understand where things are and what Tupperware boxes they are in. These generally look the same and so can be confusing. Labelling reduces confusion and ensures you can get things ready to cook smoothly and quickly.

Prepare Lunch for the First Day

When you arrive you won’t want to have to take out your stoves and begin to cook a meal. So, make sure you have a sandwich picnic ready before you go and to ensure you can just feed those hungry tummies without complaint. Wrap them in plastic shrink wrap and place them in the fridge the night before. Add some fruit and drinks and there’s no need to stop at an expensive truck stop on the way and you also have a tasty and nutritious lunch.


There are a number of great foods to bring with you for dinner when camping. Marinated pre chopped chicken breasts are ideal and can be used to make kebabs with vegetables. Or how about bringing frozen meats and placing them in the cooler. They’ll last for a few days and go perfectly with your vegetables and other foods when you require them. It’s a low cost way of preparing food and one which really will feed those trekkers. Prepared salad from home in the cooler is also good and works wonders with meats form the Stoves, while ensuring it’s not a purely caveman diet of meat.

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