Dadohaehaesang National Park South Korea

Dadohaehaesang national park

Dadohaehaesang National Park

In 1981, Dadohaehaesang was designated a national park by the Korean government. covering an area of ​​2,321 km2, consisting of 334.8 km2 of land area and 1,990.4 km2 of water area. Then, the island’s wealth is 1,596 large and small islands. As such, Dadohaehaesang is the largest marine national park in South Korea. As one of the most popular tourist attractions, the islands are visited by around 560,000 tourists every year.

Locations of Dadohaehaesang National Park

Dadohaehaesang National Park is located in the southern and western waters of South Korea. Its territory spans three districts in South Jeolla Province, namely Wando, Goheung, Sinan, and Yeosu City.

The islands in the Dadohaehaesang region have biodiversity in the form of diverse subtropical vegetation. Besides, it is also famous for its amazing views, including Hongdo Island, Heuksando, Wando, Bogildo, Geomundo, Jindo, Bigeumdo, Baekdo, and Narodo.

 1,541 species

Many types of green vegetation that grow broadly throughout the year grow well in this place, such as camellias. The total number of species among the plants that live here reaches 1,541 species. Types of fauna found in Dadohaehaesang National Park, such as:
– 11 species of mammals,
– 147 species of birds,
– 885 species of insects,
– 13 species of reptiles,
– 154 species of sea fish
– 11 species of freshwater fish

Protected species include orchids, beavers, snakes, and coral reefs. The climate in Dadohaehaesang has a warm temperature throughout the year so that it supports the life of high-value green forests. These islands consist of rock formations formed by volcanic activity. If we examine historical discourse, some military figures make this area as territory, such as Jang Bogo (9th century), and Admiral Yi Sun-sin of the Silla Dynasty (1545-1598), who at that time succeeded in winning his battle against the invaders. from Japan in the Seven Years War.

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