Dayak Cultural Exhibition held in Switzerland for 7 months

Dayak Cultural Exhibition

Bern – a Swiss curator Paolo Maiullari held The exhibition ‘ Dayak: The Art of Head-Hunters ‘ from September 2019 to May 2020. The exhibition was held at the Museo delle Cultura, Lugano, Switzerland.

Dayak Cultural Exhibition
Dayak Cultural Exhibition in Switzerland (Doc. KBRI Bern)

Paolo has researched Dayak culture and collected artifacts since the early 2000 ‘s. The visitors were amazed to see the artifacts that Paolo had collected

“We want Swiss people to see the other side of Dayak culture. So we set up this contemporary exhibition from the point of view of Dayak people himself, “Ujar Paolo.

The exhibition is held from 28 September 2019-17 May 2020. The artifacts on display include the guns, ethnic tattoos, warsuits, coffin, and wooden sculptures.

The Indonesian EMBASSY also conveyed a high appreciation and full support for the implementation of the exhibition. The function of the Indonesian EMBASSY in Bern, Ruth Yohanna, said Dayak is one of the tribes in Indonesia that is still well maintained.

“Dayak is one of the Indonesian ethnic who is still well maintained, we are very proud to see the exhibition of Dayak culture in Switzerland, ” said Ruth.

Museo delle Cultura in Lugano is a museum focused on preserving ancient cultures. Initiated by Serge Brignoni (1903-2002) interested in wood carving from Kalimantan, Museo delle Cultura is a museum with the most complete collection of Dayak statues and carvings in the world.

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