Destinations You Must Visit When Travelling To Australia

Do you know why Australia is always in the TOP destination of the world? It is not easy when Australia is the destination of more than 11,000 millionaires worldwide. Is it the only country in the world occupies (almost) a whole continent. Australia is certainly more interesting, if you are intending to visit this country, please refer to destinations below.

New South Wales and Sydney – Port city and surrounding areas

Travelling To Australia
Sydney Harbor Bridge, Photo: pixabay

New South Wales is Australia’s most popular destination, the city is famous for its iconic image of Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge. Departing from the city, you can go out to the surrounding suburbs to explore the little fields of Hunter Valley and the eucalyptus forests sunk in the fog in the Blue Mountains. In addition, you can take part in short courses on surfing in the Byron Bay area, even, to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life, you should visit the Lord Howe Island area, this is a peaceful land at the distance of 373 miles away from the east of New South Wales.

Southern Queensland and Brisbane – The state with full of sunshine

Hervey Bay
Friendly Hervey Bay Whale, Photo: eguide travel

This is exactly a holiday paradise for Australia travel enthusiast when Travelling To Australia. With stretches of sand and tropical forests, south Queensland is an area with full of sunshine. Guests are always interested in a comfortable and exciting life, with delicious food and night-life. To explore the entire area, you should start with Brisbane city, from there to the other suburbs. On your way to the North, you should pass through the Australian National Zoo area before reaching to Hervey Bay, the gateway area leading to Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island.

Victoria and Melbourne – The longest walk in Australia

Otway National Park

When visiting this area, visitors should spend a few days exploring the pleasures of Melbourne, including a trip to the coastal suburb of St Kilda and visits the penguins on Phillip Island. Leaving Melbourne, traveling along the Great Ocean Road, stretches 150 miles from Torquay in the east to Warrnambool in western Australia, you can also visit scenic spots along this area including the Otway National Park and the Twelve Apostles Bay.

Tasmania – Wild Land


This is a beautiful island located on the hills, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and green lakes, Tasmania is also famous for its ancient villages, historic sites and wildlife. On your itinerary, start walking around the MONA Art Museum in the capital of Hobart, and then stop on Cradle Mountain in the Lake StClair National Park area and explore the Port’s history.

Northern Territory and Uluru


Uluru is famous for its vast desert landscape, red sand and giant sandstone blocks. Stepping into this land, visitors should take part in outdoor activities including canoeing through Katherine Gorge and walking to explore the Aboriginal life of Kakadu National Park. Alternatively, when you come to Alice Springs, you can take part in adventure tours to many areas including Uluru, Kings Canyon and Kata Tjuta’s arched rocks, then take the Ghan to Darwin. It’s easy to go to Kakadu and Katherine Gorge from Darwin.

South Australia and Adelaide – Welcome to the wine land

Barossa Valley

South Australia’s warm and sunny climate has made the beautiful vineyards of Clare and Barossa Valley so popular, do not forget to enjoy the fine wine of this destination. From Adelaide, you can take the tram to the coastal suburb of Glenelg, where the Bottlenose dolphin feeds. Also, to learn more about wildlife here, take a look at the Koala and wallabies, the lovely animals feature Kangaroo Island.

Rottnest Island – Western Australia and Perth

This area attracts less visitors than the other destinations, but Western Australia is the homeland of the coastal cities such as Perth and Fremantle, the Margaret River wine and dolphins Monkey Mia. Cable Beach is also considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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