Dieng Temple, The Masterpiece of Indonesian Ancestors

The Differences between Borobudur and Prambanan Temple

There is a different philosophy inbuilt Dieng temples as well as the Gedongsongo temple to Prambanan and Borobudur temple. This difference philosophy, then also determine the difference in the shape and temple form.

Dieng temple built by Brahmins and devoted exclusively to worship. Therefore, the architecture style looks very simple. While Prambanan and Borobudur temple built by the King and his dynasty devoted to his imagery. Where the greater and magnificent of temple, so shines more the image of King and his dynasty.

But make no mistake, behind the simplicity of architecture style, Dieng temples actually give the wonderful facts related to the technology of the building construction and evidence of the science dynamic through the transfer of science and technology.

Dieng Temple Architecture

Architecture of the Dieng temple is already in such a modern. Even from the side of construction technology, after 1400 years of construction, the technology was difficult to find a comparison in modern life. That means, there is a leap mind, leap ideas, and a leap work transgressors it’s times.

Temple complex arjuna built on peat moss land inundated water. The choice of this location can’t be a shift because related to the time calculation of provisions the establishment of the temple. In addition near the temple there Balekembang lake that when water overflow, the risk is drowning the temple area. Because of that, it needed the role of technology required to make water which flooding it’s area can be flown out hat the soil gets dry. This is perhaps the primary reason for the construction of the giant drainage known as Gangsiran Aswatama.

An intelligent thing done by a Dutch researcher J. Kinbergen who in 1856 had the task of photographing Arjuna temple. He successful carrying out the task after he could dry the temple location from inundated water by functionally back Gangsiran Aswatama.

The existence of the Dieng temple is also showing the other side of our ancestor’s life. That is we come from ancestors who love science. That the ancestors actually have known as an intelligent society.

From a physical relic of Dieng temple, we know about the events of advanced technology transformation in temple development. This can be read from the change temple form. Because the temple built in the early part is different from temples built-in ending which already very strong showing local features.

This fact is not found in the history of the building fro another temple in Indonesia. Dieng becomes so very special. Dieng is not only the center place of worship but also being a center of science learning on temple development. The impressive term, Dieng is a temple university.

If so, it’s an appropriate Dieng temple called one of the Indonesian masterpiece icons. It’s because there are the dynamics of civilization advanced as continued Mesopotamia civilization the Greek, civilization advanced Arab to Europe and the most modern event is when the Japanese with Meiji Restoration duplicate all engines found West and expand it.

Then, on top of Dieng mountain, the events of human civilization progress and it had been gone on for centuries ago. In the construction of Dieng temple, there had been transformed the science, courage to explore the idea, and the courage to expand it to be the masterpiece.


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