Discover Canberra and Brisbane – The modern appearance and peaceful life

When mentioning Australia, most people think about Sydney or Melbourne. Few people know Brisbane – the capital of Queensland State, the third populous in Australia, about 900 km from Sydney to the North. Brisbane is regarded as a peaceful and friendly city in the world.

Brisbane – the modern appearance and peaceful life

Festivals in Brisbane

The various combinations of modern structures and ancient ones or between busy and harmonious one turn Brisbane into an ideal place to live and work. Brisbane has wonderful weather and lower living standard than Sydney and Melbourne. One more thing you can fell comfortable in Brisbane is the convenient transportation system.

Famous landscapes in Brisbane

Coming to Brisbane, visitors often pay a visit to Brisbane City Hall, King George Square, Museum of Brisbane, and Gallery of Modern Art. Tourists not only enjoy artistic works in exhibition galleries in Queensland cultural center but also relax in good ballet performances in Queensland performing art center. Even people can participate in some adventurous sports under water such as diving to look the coral in Moreton Gulf. At the Alma Park Zoo and Lone Pine Koala, you can look at Kangaroos and Koalas.

Festivals in Brisbane

Every year, Brisbane organizes a variety of festivals with the purpose of introducing its images as well as customs to the whole world. The yearly biggest festival in Brisbane is held in September with numerous entertaining activities at the central zones. The Royal Queensland Show in August includes events of both sports and entertainment. Besides, visitors can understand more about this destination through The Brisbane Powerhouse and The Greek Paniyiri Festival.

Transportation in Brisbane

Brisbane supports a wide range of transportation systems from bikes, Green cabs, taxi, cars, and motorbikes to buses. Moreover, the fare is suitable for all people, even cheaper than it is in other cities in Australia.

In short, Brisbane is evaluated as an ideal city to study and live. It is said that Brisbane residents are very friendly, helpful and hospitable. Many students coming Brisbane to study further will have opportunities to seek a part- time job easily. They can support for their housing, transportation and their study. Therefore, why don’t you have a short holiday in this beautiful city?

Things to do in Brisbane

Canberra – A must- see tourist attraction in Australia

Canberra is the capital city of Australia with the population of 381.488. Located in the South of Australia, about 280 kilometers to the South West of Sydney, and about 660 kilometers to the North East of Melbourne, Canberra is well- known for many events of culture, sports, history, and academy. It is full of high buildings, museums, and galleries. Tourists can pay a visit to National museum of Australia, Australia National Botanic Gardens, National Gallery of Australia, Parliament house of Australia, and Black Mountain Tower. Moreover, people can see kangaroos in the Pinnacle Nature Reserve.

Festivals in Canberra

The beginning of a year is the exhibition of Summernats in January. Next, visitors can relax comfortably on the Independence Day of Australia with the hockey matches and live music in the area of The Parliament Hall. Let see in the night sky with a range of colorful balloons on the balloon festival in the autumn. In winter, tourists can warm their hearts in the Fireside festival. In spring, Canberra parks are covered with colorful flowers and its fragrance in the Floriade.

Visitors can try on some kinds of sports such as basketball on wheel chair, football, or rugby. If you are fond of adventurous sports, you can take part in motor racing in Summernats and Subaru Rally yearly. Besides, visitors can climb the mountains, jump the parachute, make an exploration into caves, and ride a bike in the bushy area in Canberra Natural Park.

Food in Canberra

Along the Poacher trail, you can find a peaceful countryside with 140 grape fields . Let stop and enjoy a pizza. Then, you can drop in a farm to taste cheese, jam and baked ham. At the weekend, you can visit the exhibition hall of art works, pottery, and glass.

In short, Canberra will bring visitors warm atmosphere and beautiful landscapes. Let enjoy special festivals and experience adventurous sports in this city. It will be an unforgettable tour in your life.

Things to do in Canberra

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