Discover Food Paradise While Travelling To Australia

Travelling To Australia

Australian food is famous for the harmony and crystallization of many different cultures but always has its own identity. In addition to the weather, friendly people and exotic beaches, Australia has a subtle and featured culinary culture that has been preserved for centuries by indigenous peoples in conjunction with food cultures of the influx of migrants from around the world.

As a result, today’s Australian cuisine is full of delicious food; a combination of Japanese, Thailand, British and Mediterranean food influences on creating a diverse range of colors, flavors dishes and inspirations for creativity in any kitchen. Here are some of the most popular Australian dishes that you can not miss while Travelling To Australia.

Lamington cakes

Lamington cakes
Lamington cakes , Photo: Tulips

Lamington is an Australian favorite cake. This type of cake is very popular in bakeries, cafes in Australia. Even since 2006, July 21 has been chosen as National Lamington Day.

Bush Tucker

Travelling To Australia

Australians consider Bush Tucker as their traditional indigenous food. This is a very special dish which is originated from the original dishes of Aboriginal people. Bush Tucker is made from wild plants and hunted animals including worms, pupae … Usually these dishes must be cooked by native chefs and people who enjoy it eaters must have liberal taste. Not everyone can taste this dish but it can not deny that it is very impressive, attractive and great food.


For those who have been to Australia can not forget BBQ dishes with meats baked in a fresh scene. Enjoying BBQ is an Australian delight. Together with friends, family, they usually make barbecue in the garden or park. Everywhere in the park there are places to sit and grill, there are even gas ovens. These places are often cared for and kept clean, even firewood is not lacking, and marinated meat is always available in shops and supermarkets.

Australian wines

Travelling To Australia
Australian wines, Photo: chandon

Beside France and Italy, Australian wines have been appreciated for their purity, sophistication and elegance thanks to the extraction, refining and processing based on long-established secrets. The Australian winemaking began soon after the first reclamation of European explorers with grapes were transported on their first shipment in 1788. Today, wines export is a billion dollar business and continues to grow as more and more consumers around the world enjoy the quality and various flavor of Australian wines.

Kangaroo meat

Travelling To Australia
Photo: Shoreline

Kangaroo is a species of antelope that is unique in Australia. Kangaroo is now well-known to all the gourmets in the world with a rich menu of boiled dishes, fried dishes, steak, soup, stewed dishes, curry, meatballs and the best one is grilled dishes. Kangaroo meat is marinated with special seasoning, refined from the plants of Australia, skewered and baked on the charcoal stove. Kangaroo meat is rich in protein, iron, vitamin B12 and low fat.

Grilled Tasmania

Tasmania is a delicious Australian food that any visitor would like to enjoy again. The reputation of this dish spreads throughout the Asian countries that all of chefs know it. It’s a grilled dish, but the Tasmanian dish is well prepared with plenty of other nutritious ingredients.

Australian Grilled Crocodile

Dishes cooked from crocodile are very popular with Australians and are also unique, strange dishes enjoyed by most visitors when they come to this country. The most delicious part of this fish is the tail. Crocodile tail contains many nerve systems, so the meat in this part is solid and delicious. Crocodile meat is marinated with the spices of lemon, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper for several hours and then baked for a few minutes. Remember to enjoy when it is hot, you will have a strange and interesting feeling.

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