Do not try to do these 7 things while in Thailand

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When you plan to visit Thailand, and this is your first visit, of course, you have to find out information about the rules and customs that apply in Thailand. Don’t want to accidentally break the rules?

Also, gather information about the weather or season so that you are not mistaken when dressing and not the wrong event. Also, understand the habits that are generally carried out by the local community so that no friction will ultimately hurt you.

rules and customs that apply in Thailand

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Here are 7 things in Thailand that you should know about:

1. While in Thailand, avoid whistling at night because the myth that exists in Thailand, whistling at night can make you unlucky seven derivatives.

2. Avoid stepping on a statue of Buddha because the majority of Thai people are Buddhist and highly respect the smallest Buddha statue.

3. Thai people respect their King very much. Do not be surprised if everywhere there are posters of the King. Let alone crossing out the king’s poster, talking bad about the king alone can make you unable to return to your country

4. Lower your voice when in public places because the majority of Thais don’t like to hear people who are too noisy.

5. It is forbidden to touch the monk, especially if you are a woman. If you stop by the temple or any place that has a monk, try to stay away from a little. If you want to donate, wrap the donation in cloth so that it does not come in contact with their hands.

6. For Thai people, people who point with their index fingers are as low as animals. If you want to call a taxi or waitress, do not shout let alone patted, just call with the palms facing down and moving the fingers up and down.

7. Items containing Buddhist symbols are not permitted to be brought outside of Thailand.

Now you know the restrictions that you should not do in Thailand. You should obey so that you do not get into trouble when you are in the White Elephant country.

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