Want to avoid getting bored while taking a long flight? Here are the tips

Tips to avoid getting bored while taking a long flight

Traveling with long flights is a boring trip, especially if taken on a budget flight with minimal facilities and needs more entertainment facilities.

It will be a different case if you are boarding a business class or first class flight; you will be spoiled with complete and comfortable facilities.

You can do many things so that you don’t feel bored and stay comfortable while traveling.

Tips to avoid getting bored while taking a long flight

Choose a chair

At the check-in counter, you can ask the check-in counter officer if a seat is comfortable to choose from during long flights. If you are a person who is easily bored, choose the aisle option so that the space is a little more spacious and simplifies the movement. However, some charge fees if you want to choose certain seats. If willing to pay, you can choose a comfortable part with spacious legroom.

Wear comfortable clothes

When you take a long flight, you will sit in the same place and for a long time, do not bother yourself. Wear clothes that are comfortable and do not minimize movement. Generally, the temperature on the plane is quite cold. It’s good to wear cotton clothes with cool pants, remember to bring a jacket, socks, and shoes. This also makes it easier for the traveler when making a transit flight.

Drink enough water

Back and forth to the toilet when a long flight can be troubling, but that does not mean you should avoid drinking too. Keep drinking enough. This will prevent you from dehydration and keep your body in shape.

Don’t carry excessive items in the aircraft seat

So that you have enough leg and body space, avoid carrying excessive luggage when long flights. You can put it in the trunk or on a shelf above the seat. So that your space is bigger and uninterrupted.

Download movies and music or bring books

Downloading movies or music on a gadget can be an interesting option to survive while on a long flight, especially if the airline chosen by the traveler is a budget or LCC. In addition, bringing books can also be a solution. If you are tired, you can sleep comfortably until you wait for the plane to land at the destination.


Add relationships when on the trip

Chatting and meeting new people can be a solution when flying away. In addition to eliminating boredom, this can also make you add to your relationships.

However, you should also need to look at the conditions. If the person you’re talking to feels annoyed, it’s good that you don’t force yourself to chat.


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