Dreamland Beach Bali | A surfers’ paradise

Dreamland Beach Bali is one of the mainstay destinations in Bali that attracts many local and foreign tourists to visit it. This beautiful and unspoiled place is much cleaner compared to Kuta Beach which is now very crowded with tourists from around the world. Dreamland Beach is located in the south of Bali, precisely at Kuta Golf Link Resort or Bali Pecatu Graha complex.

History of Dreamland Beach Bali

Dreamland Beach does not use local names like other beach beaches in Bali. This invites tourists to ask questions. The initial history of this beach name to be called Dreamland or in Indonesian is the land of dreams, because in the previous few periods the biggest tourist center project in Southeast Asia will be located on Dreamland Beach and raise hope for the locals to be able to improve a better standard of living than before. Local residents hope to be able to move jobs previously as farmers to become entrepreneurs in the tourism business.

Dreamland Beach was originally only arid land. But all of that was transformed by Tommy Soeharto, the son of the former President of the Republic of Indonesia, and became Dreamland Beach.

Tommy buys all the areas on the coast, then plans to build the most unique residential and tourist attractions in Southeast Asia, and a super exclusive resort called Pecatu Indah Resort. But because of the monetary crisis that hit Indonesia in 1998, it all stopped.

Dreamland Beach

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What can you do at Dreamland Beach?

Relax and play on the beach
The enticing gaps and white sand will welcome you when you arrive at Dreamland Beach. If this is your first visit, try to get around around Dreamland Beach. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery and get a good photo spot. You can also play fine white sand on this beach, make sand castles, bury half your body in the sand or bask in the sun’s sparkle.

Dreamland’s beauty that has become global and makes this beach become one of the new surf spots for the world’s professional surfers. With the character of the big and high waves make surfers from all over the world come to try to conquer it.

Enjoy the sunset
Dreamland Beach is one of the beaches in Bali that has a beautiful sunset panorama. You will be fascinated by the scenery. You can take pictures and capture the moment with your partner or family. The best spot to enjoy this view is on a narrow beach right under a steep coral wall.

Photo prewedding
Beautiful and exotic Dreamland scenery makes Dreamland worthy of prewedding photography. Here you will get beautiful prewedding photos plus exciting fun holidays.

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Transportation to Dreamland Beach

Dreamland can be reached within 20 minutes from Denpasar. There are various modes of transportation in Denpasar that you can use to get to Dreamland Beach. Starting from public transportation such as buses or taxis, motorbikes or rental cars. If you don’t want to be bothered with all kinds of business, you can take a tour package.

Accommodation at Dreamland Beach

There are so many hotels around Dreamland beach for you to spend the night with all the facilities and services they have.

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