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Yogyakarta has a reputation as an education city. Here you will also find a variety of culinary that you can try. There are many culinary corners in Yogyakarta where you can fill your stomach without reaching into your pocket too deep. Suitable for those of you who are currently visiting Yogyakarta by backpacker ways

The maximum price limitation of IDR 7K to get delicious and full food in an urban city like Yogyakarta certainly sounds utopian and should be a dream. However, again this is Yogyakarta. These are 5 good places to eat delicious Yogyakarta with a price range of IDR 4k to IDR 7k (note 1 USD = IDR 14K)

If you are passing from the north, don’t forget to stop by Bu Tarti’s stall on Jalan Monumen Jogja Kembali (Monjali)

culinary corners in Yogyakarta

This cheap food is sold at a home-style wagon shop owned by a middle-aged mother named Mrs. Tarti. Located around Jalan Monjali, precisely in the Nyi Condrolukito alley RT 01 / RW 43, Open from 5 am to 1 pm, this stall that is always crowded with office workers is perfect for finding breakfast or lunch.

Not only that, Mrs. Tarti’s wagon, which is always full of various variants of light to heavy food, always looks clean. This was combined with the building where it stood which was still in the form of half a brick making anyone who bought food in this place seemed to take their own food from their own homes.

The price is very cheap, with only IDR 3K you can bring a packet of rames rice. As for the choice of anointing rice or vegetable rice with a number of other side dishes, it only costs IDR 6k.


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Have you ever come across this much-fried rice at a price not up to IDR 7K? If you haven’t, the 212 Fried Rice is the answer. Located in Selokan Mataram Seturan, 212 Fried Rice has become one of the favorite connoisseurs of Jogja’s Go Food service.

Apart from providing 24-hour delivery service, the choice of fried rice variants in this place is also varied and of course you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Only with IDR 6.5 K, you can already bring home a box full of fried rice with shredded mushrooms and of course complete with crackers and cucumbers.

No need to worry. In Jogja, the sentence, “There is a price there is a taste”, sometimes not so valid. If you don’t believe, you better prove it yourself.

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For native people of Yogyakarta, Flamboyan restaurant might sound very familiar, but apparently there are many people who don’t know about the existence of this food stall. Located on Jalan Flamboyan, north of the Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University, this food stall that has cool and shady weather is always full during the daytime.

Not much different from the average restaurant which has a buffet concept, as a buyer, you will be spoiled with various side dishes and also various vegetables according to taste. In addition to a very comfortable place to eat and also chat while spending time, the price of one meal at this place is also very cheap – as long as you are not greedy to take the menu.

With only IDR 7K, you can choose menu of rice with several choices of side dishes such as eggs, tempeh, and also tofu. If you want to add any vegetables you can also choose freely. the Flamboyan restaurant provides drinking water for free at the front.


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