Eating and Drinking in Japan: Bon Appetite!

Eating and drinking in Japan

Eating and Drinking in Japan is as unique as Japanese history, art and architecture. The cuisine of the Archipelago of Japan has spread over the continents during some recent decades and has become very popular with Europeans, Americans, Canadians, etc.

Actually it doesn’t matter what country you may live in, be sure there is at least one restaurant of Japanese food or sushi bar there. Nevertheless the food prepared in Japan and served by the Japanese can’t be compared to that we eat being abroad. Because everything is different, including atmosphere, music, people, traditions, tea ceremonies and even dining etiquette. When you travel Japan make sure to taste remarkable dishes and beverages of eating and drinking in Japan. Because Japanese cuisine is one of the best and most bizzare in the world, don’t lose your opportunity!

The most wide-spread ingredients while preparing Eating and drinking in Japan are fish, rice, tofu, noodles, seasonal vegetables, beans, with such toppings as soy sauce and dashi. As a rule in a Japanese restaurant you will be offered a three-dishes meal, consisting of rice, soup and pickle stuff. Bear in mind that rice will be placed on the left and soup on the right and while making an order, pay attention to the way of food preparation, as it can be raw, fried, cooked, etc.

Eating and drinking in Japan

You can as well order a great variety of sea food dishes, and it’s no wonder due to the country’s location. Though the country is rather remote from its neighbours, it has adopted some of their national dishes, including Chinese noodles, but they were highly transformed in Japan, with contriving new sorts of noodles, that are frequently served with a meat broth known as ramen.

Veggie food is rare here, because some traditional flavourings or toppings often include non-vegetarian stuff, actually it was Buddhist monks who gave rise to vegetarianism in Japan.

The art of eating in Japan is very unusual. Several centuries ago each person had own tray, while dining and sitting on a cushion, but later a special big tray for the whole family was created, and not long ago chairs and tables were adopted from the Western countries. But the manner of eating with chopsticks is invariable, the Japanese use them now as well as centuries ago. Truth be told it’s a real art, and it’s very difficult for foreigners who use them for the first time to get a sufficient meal, because food is likely to fall down. But it can be one more pleasant experience if you travel Japan as you will be taught the true Japanese art of eating with chopsticks. Be careful and never leave your chopsticks in bowls and place them vertically, it’s the way only for the deceased.

Travel Japan as its food is healthy, including only wholesome and nutritious components and the Japanese know the main basics of healthful nourishment, food is low-fat, but rather salty. And hygiene is a common attribute on eating, you will be offered a wet and hot napkin to clean your hands before a meal. Drinking is highly recommended to be limited, only some sake, awamori (a beverage of Okinawa), shochu (25% alcohol) and if you drink with several people a toast should be always preceeded, and no alcohol sipping by yourself is possible.

Travel Japan to taste its great, delicious and rich cuisine. You will never get to know a country without tasting its food. Travel Japan and familiarize yourself with its best delights!

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