Edelweiss “Eternity” Flowers in the Mount Bromo Tourist Area


Edelweiss Flowers  – Bromo tourist attractions are never devoid of tourists. The mountain, with the most breathtaking views in the morning, continues to attract people who visit even though it is currently experiencing an volcanic eruption that is taking place in the Bromo Crater. The status currently is STANDARD 3 and visitors are not allowed to enter the Bromo Crater area as well as the adjacent area of a 3-km distance. Visitors are still able to take in the stunning beauty of the Bromo sunrise over the climbing area as well as Kingkong Hill because the distance from the crater extends more than 3km.

Let’s not think all about the eruption at Mount Bromo first. In relation to Mount Bromo Who isn’t aware of Edelweiss flowers. The flowers known as “eternity” with the Latin name “Anaphalis javanica” is a flower that is found in the high mountain regions in Indonesia. The species can grow to a height of around 8m. The stems that can be quite massive, about the size of the human foot, though the majority of them do not go above 1m.

Bromo Edelweiss Flowers Protected

Edelweiss bloom is an plant which is protected. Since the amount of flowers in the tourist zone that is Mount Bromo is getting less and less, it was some effort to choose the Edelweiss Bromo flower. Since Edelweiss Flowers are found in the tops and hills of mountains you’ll be able to see how hard it would be for those who sell the edelweiss flower to fight.

In the event that the amount of edelweiss blooms in Bromo is decreasing and less, there’s an opportunity for us all that blooms of edelweiss are being grown on the Dieng Plateau. There are farmers who cultivate edelweiss flower made from seeds of flowers scattered throughout this flower’s mother. This flower is grown in the highlands, with an altitude of about 1000m above sea level, on soil that has sandy and lime properties, with a pH of 4-7.

Thankful for the individuals who have an intense awareness to let the Edelweiss flower flourish in the natural world. Let’s allow these flowers to bloom to greet the mountain climbers with a beautiful welcome. Make sure you take care of the Edelweiss flower with all your heart.


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