Enjoy the Beauty of Pagaralam From Above With Paragliding

Enjoy the beauty of Pagaralam from above with Paragliding

Pagaralam is one of the best sport tourism destinations in Indonesia. Even this place can accommodate more than 40 paragliders at once! The view from the height is very spoil our eyes. Pagaralam is one of the cities in South Sumatra that is famous for its natural beauty. The beautiful rows of hills and Mount Dempo are the main attraction for tourists to visit.  To enjoy the natural beauty of Pagaralam, is by paragliding. Paragliding is a choice of sport tourism that we can choose as a different tourism alternative. Especially for tourists who have an adventurous spirit of course.

This Paragliding Sports is located in the tea plantation area at the foot of the Mount Dempo, and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Pagaralam. Mount Dempo has a very beautiful view with a green expanse of tea plantations. When you try paragliding, you can enjoy the scenery around Mount Dempo and Pagaralam City more freely.

Enjoy the beauty of Pagaralam from above with Paragliding

The facilities available at Pagaralam already have international standards. This area for paragliding in Pagaralam is  the largest in Indonesia and can accommodate more than 40 paragliders at once.

Paragliding take-up location in Pagaralam is at an altitude of 1,900 masl. At the beginning of the paragliding a monument called Tugu Rimau was built, shaped like a statue of a tiger, wearing traditional South Sumatra clothes and holding a torch. To be able to get to Tugu Rimau you have to use a private car or rent a car. Because there is no public transportation to Tugu Rimau.

The landing site itself is on the Tangga Seribu/ Thousand Stairs, which is at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. This Tangga Seribu is no less beautiful than the take-up paragliding location at Tugu Rimau. The Tangga seribu are on a stretch of tea garden with a beautiful panorama and cool air. The location of Tangga Seribu is not far from the Regional Government Office of the City of Pagaralam. The Tangga Seribu has stairs with unique shapes, extending and splitting up to the tea plantation area. With a stretch of green and fresh tea plantations, it will make your paragliding experience very enjoyable.

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