Explore the Historic Beauty of Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai

Yuyuan Garden

Located in Shanghai’s bustling city center, Yuyuan Garden is a stunning and historic site that must be explored. Built in 1559 by the Pan family, this exquisite garden is over 400 years old and is still standing today. Its beauty and charm have earned Yuyuan Garden numerous titles, including “Garden of the Six Arts”, “Garden of the Ten Scenes” and “Garden of Splendors”.

The garden is divided into six sections, each of which has its own unique style and design. The East Garden, which is the oldest part, is laid out as a traditional Chinese garden, with winding paths, ponds, and pavilions. The West Garden is home to a beautiful rock garden, while the Central Garden is well-known for its elaborate and ornate architecture. Other areas of the garden include the Grand Rockery, the Huxinting Teahouse, and the Hall of Heralding Spring.

The entire garden is filled with historic artifacts, including ancient statues, steles, and calligraphic works. There is also an impressive collection of flora and fauna, with over 40 varieties of trees and more than 100 species of flowers. This makes Yuyuan Garden an ideal spot for taking pictures and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Getting to Yuyuan Garden is easy. Visitors can take the Metro Line 10 to Yuyuan Station, or they can take public buses No. 868, 825, 826, or 930. From there, it is a short walk to the entrance of the garden. Once inside, visitors can take advantage of the various attractions, such as the teahouse, restaurant, and souvenir shops. There are also guided tours available for those who wish to learn more about the history of the garden.

Yuyuan Garden is a must-visit for anyone visiting Shanghai. Its centuries-old beauty and historic artifacts will captivate and amaze. Be sure to make the time to explore this remarkable site and discover its many charms.


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