Exploring the Beauty of New Zealand’s 90 Mile Beach

The 90 Mile Beach

New Zealand is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. One of the most stunning is 90 Mile Beach, located on the North Island’s west coast.

The 90 Mile Beach is an iconic stretch of golden sand that stretches from the small town of Ahipara in the north to Scott’s Point in the south. It’s a popular tourist destination and a top spot for surfers, swimmers, and beach-goers.

The beach is an excellent spot for a beach walk. It’s wide and flat, and you can easily find a place to settle down and enjoy the view. The sand is soft and smooth, making it perfect for barefoot strolls. The water is crystal clear, and the waves are gentle, making it great for swimming and bodyboarding.

The beach is also an excellent spot for fishing and bird-watching. The area is home to many species of birds and fish, including the New Zealand dotterel and the white-eyed shag. You’ll also spot dolphins and seals, so keep your eyes peeled!

Besides the beach, the area has a lot to offer. The Ahipara Bay and the Te Paki Stream are great spots for kayaking, and the nearby forests are full of native wildlife. You can also visit the nearby Maunganui Bluff, a steep and rugged sea cliff, or Kaitaia Hot Springs for a relaxing soak.

The 90 Mile Beach is a unique and beautiful place to visit. Whether you’re looking for a spot to swim, surf, fish, or relax, it’s the perfect spot for a beach getaway.


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