Fahombo Batu, The tradition of Stone-Jumping from Nias

Fahombo – stone jumping  is one of the famous and unique traditions of the people on Nias Island, North Sumatra.

However, not all regions in Nias have this tradition of stone jumping. One of the areas in Nias that still does this stone jumping tradition is in the Teluk Dalam area. That said, this tradition has been carried out for generations.

Fahombo Batu, the tradition of stone jumping in Nias is only done by young people or men. A seven-year-old boy in Nias has been practicing jumping over a rope. The height of the rope will increase as they age. Then, they will jump over 2 meters high rock and have a width of 60-90 cm.

Fahombo Batu The tradition of Stone-Jumping from Nias
Fahombo Batu The tradition of Stone-Jumping from Nias

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They will take a swing, then run fast, and set foot on a rock, then jump into the air through a large rock without touching it. They must land perfectly.

Not all young men were able to pass through the stone even though they had been training hard. If the father or grandfather is a brave and a stone jumper, then among his descendants someone must be able to jump over a rock. This stone jumping tradition emerged when there were still tribal war habits. Every village is fortified by bamboo
or two meters high bamboo. However, at this time the tradition of stone jumping was no longer used for preparation for war, but a ritual typical of the Nias community. Youth who are able to pass the stone is considered mature and physically mature so they are allowed to marry

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