Festivals in Japan Brighten up your Life

Osaka Festival

Travel Japan to participate in its numerous festivals, because they are one of the most bright Japanese adventures. No matter when you may travel Japan and what city you may stay at, you will be welcomed and get familiriarized with its religious, national, seasonal and natural festivals in Japan. The events are celebrated throughout the year in the land of the rising sun. We’ll point out only the most famous and brightest festivals starting with the first month of the year and up to December:

January is renowned in Japan for New Year celebrations, and the most colourful one is Osaka Festival with a Geisha parade along the city streets and great fares and fireworks, music and dances;

February is world-famous for Sapporo Snow Festival when the streets of the city are filled with various grand figures made of snow, they may be samurais, animals, geishas, temples or shrines, or even snow-castles;

March Tokyo attracts lots of people desired to witness an impressive Hina Matsuri temple festival, actually this day is celebrated all over the country honouring girls with songs and dolls disguising, because the 3rd of March is the Girls’ day;

April of every other 6 years is devoted to courageous tiger and monkey and the festival takes place in Nagano;

the May Tokyo Sanja Festival is well-known as a shrine festival dating back to the 18th century, the celebration begins at Sensou Shrine and then the procession with 80 movable shrines goes along the streets of the area. The graceful Aoi Festival is held at Kamigano Shrine in Kyoto and is very peaceful;

June is famous for Yokohama Bazaar opening Festival, Jamokamo Matsuri Festival with two straw snakes symbolizing good health;

July is one of the best time to get to Japan because of the legendary Gion festival held in Kyoto since 896, it was established due to the wish to get rid of the awful disease that had spread over the city. Since that time the streets of Kyoto in July are filled with tremendous floats (hoko and yama) weighing up to 10 tons and extremely high, at dusk the houses became lit with lanterns and wonderful all- penetrating Japanese music, travel Japan to witness the festival;

August is famous for a great Nebuta Festival held at Aomori with lots of lit lanterns depicting samurais, dances, music, gayness and emotions;

the September Toyama festival is world-known for its tender violin music, beautiful dancers in kimonos including all those amateurs eager to take part in dancing, it’s incredibly enthralling;

October is famous for Yokohama Festival with dances of lion and dragon;

the November Saga Festival is renowned for its huge fishes, lions, whales and other figures human made parading the streets;

the December Saitama Night Festival is held with fireworks explosions in the sky, the sight is unforgettable.

Travel Japan, because it’s really the land rich in dragon and lion dances, amazing tea ceremonies, puppet theatres, incredible music and delicious sushi! Don’t doubt to let your wish come true!

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