Five Healthy Japanese Foods You Should Try

Healthy Japanese Foods

Japanese cuisines are well -known for its healthy benefits that are the reason why Japanese live longer than people in other countries. Japanese protein-packed tofu is sold any local supermarket and Sushi is now eaten throughout the West. However, when visiting Tokyo you will find more things than these foods.

The following are five foods you should try when you are in Japan.

1. Atsu-age

Atsu-age Tofu – Photo via Uncut Recipes

These are cakes that are made of deep-fried tofu. Although the Westerners don’t like these cakes, deep frying in oil gives them a nutty texture and crunch, yet, inside, this food retains the softness and smoothness of fresh tofu, along with all the health benefits.


Katsuo-bushi, Photo via

This dish resembles wood shavings. It is dried flakes of the cooked bonito fish. If you use it as a part of stews or soup, it will be absolutely delicious .You can find it in Asian supermarkets.


Gobo, Burdock Root, Photo via

Gobo has the English name “burdock”. It is a kind of vegetable that is uses in Japan and China as a medicine. It can help people boost energy and recovery from illness. In addition, it has reputation to lower cholesterol. You can buy it to fry or stew.


Kikuna Leaves, Photo via

This is known as shungiku- a kind of hrysanthemum leaves. It’s a good solution for fevers. You can eat raw or stew but remember not to overcook.


Daikon, Photo via zliving

Daikon is known as the giant white radish that is an indispensable ingredient in Japanese cooking. It is used to stew and a regular garnish with sushi and many other uncooked dishes. It is really good in aiding digestion, particularly for oily foods.

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