Forever Tulip Garden, Lamitan City, Basilan, Philippines

forever tulip garden

Forever Tulip Garden, a beautiful garden that has thousands of colorful and beautiful tulips. This Tulip garden is not in the Netherlands, yes, this beautiful park is located in Lamitan City, Basilan, Philippines.

The Forever Tulip Garden Tourism Park instantly attracts the attention of visitors who come and take pictures for posting on Instagram.

There is a unique of this garden, if you see it at a glance, this place looks like a flower garden in general. But there is actually a completely different from this one destination. All flowers in Forever Tulip Garden are not original, but artificial.

As quoted from MSN, there are at least 30 thousand tulips of various colors made of recycled plastic bottles. Plastic Waste for raw materials of flower making is collected and shipped from 45 areas in Lamitan City.

Marvelous, the road to the Tulip Garden is also made of crushed plastic bottles, then processed using cement, sand, and gravel.

Forever Tulip Garden is open to the public since Monday (23/9/2019) for initiation by various parties. Starting from the staff of Public Service office, volunteers, to citizens.

There is a message to be delivered from the construction of a location called the complete Lamitan City Forever Tulip Garden and Tourism Center, which is the importance of preserving the environment by not wasting its plastic waste.

“If we do not do something, this park will be the biggest tulip garden in the country and it is even greater in the next century,” so it is written in the name of Lamitan City Forever Tulip Garden. This park is also a creative way to give awareness to many people to reduce the use of plastics. If plastic usage is not controlled then it is not possible that this kind of plastic flower garden will replace the original fresh flower garden.

Very terrible!

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