Forget BALI for a moment, let’s visit MALANG – Indonesia

Malang East Java

If in Bali most tourist attractions are in the form of beach or sea, then in Malang you will be presented with more of the green and fresh mountain scenery
Malang is the second largest city in East Java province after Surabaya.
Malang  is a tourism city because of its charming nature surrounded by mountains and cool air. Malang is also known as a city of flowers because of the many flowers that adorn the city.  Malang is also a city of art because of the many distinctive arts of this city, from dances to performances.
Parts of Malang City have their own characteristics so that they have their own compatibility in various activities. In the southern part of Malang is a highland area that is wide enough so that it is suitable for industry; in the north is a fertile plateau that is suitable for agriculture; the eastern part is a plateau with less fertile conditions; and in the west is a vast plateau and is now the center of education.

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Interesting place in Malang City that must be visited
1. Bicycle Rides in the Air at Coban Rais; One of the coolest things that can be done in this place is pedaling a bicycle in the air while admiring the beautiful panoramic views of the hills around Coban Rais waterfall.

Malang East Java
Photo Via Asilredbrick

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Coban Rais is a 20 meter high waterfall that flows through green hills. the fresh green scenery will be pleasing to the eye, and should not be missed, especially for photography enthusiasts.
Coban Rais is in Batu, precisely in Oro-Oro Ombo Village, approximately 20 km from Malang City.

Beautiful photo spot at coban rais
Credit photo: Leohariyanto-and-joshuafavian

Visit this place when it’s sunny, the road can be dark and muddy if it’s raining. the contour of the road is a bit challenging, but the beautiful scenery around it will make you not tired of walking. You will not find food vendors here, so it is recommended to bring your own food.
Note: to reach the waterfall you need to walk approximately 5km from the parking area.


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