Grand Canyon Hiking Tours

Grand Canyon Hiking Tours

The Grand Canyon is one of the most recognizable tourist destinations in the world. It truly is one of the greatest wonders of nature formed in ancient times and provides a breathtaking view. Because it attracts a lot of tourists, it has become a tourism hotspot. Hotels, restaurants, and camping areas can be found all around the Grand Canyon. There are also a lot of businesses that offer Grand Canyon hiking tours.

Since there are a lot of companies that offer Grand Canyon hiking tours, there are several packages and services you can choose from. Some companies just offer a simple tour while others provide more services and activities such as hiking, a mule trip or an air tour in a plane or helicopter. Meals are usually included in these packages and you will be taken to a spot with breathtaking view on the background while you dine.

Usually Grand Canyon hiking tours arrange backpacking and hiking in more than just one hiking trail in the Grand Canyon National Park. There are two ways to enter the Canyon: the South Rim and the North Rim. There are a lot of camping grounds in these two places but the South Rim tend to have more guests because it is more accessible than the North Rim.

If you plan to hike from rim to rim, you’ll have to be ready to camp during your journey and get a special permit. Traveling from one rim to the other in just a single day is highly discouraged because of the danger it poses. The trail is very steep and rugged and the temperature near the bottom can cause heat exhaustion. While it this activity is not recommended, it’s technically not forbidden so a lot of veteran hikers go from rim-to-rim in a single day and actually succeed.

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