Green Bay Beach Tourist Attraction in Banyuwangi East Java

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Indonesia has many interesting natural attractions. One of them is the beauty of Green Bay charm located in Sarongan village, Banyuwangi East Java

Banyuwangi Green Bay Tourist Attraction

Banyuwangi Green Bay tourism increasingly crowded and popularized travelers since 2015. In this place, you can see one of the natural beauty of Indonesia that can make you stunned. This trip to the Green Bay is not easy but your hard work will not be wasted. If you want to know the uniqueness of Green Bay, access to Banyuwangi Green Bay and tips to the Green Bay, here are more reviews.

Unique Green Bay

The bay located in Sarongan Village is green as the name suggests. This color is produced by algae reflecting its own color to the surface of the water. In addition, this hidden place in the Green Bay Area of the East Java Meru Betiri National Park also has a soft stretch of white sand that easily sticks to the skin. The clear and white sand of the seawater is breathtaking. No doubt, people want to go back to the bay of green and spoil their senses again.

When you are in the Green Bay of Banyuwangi, you can sit and enjoy the sound of seawater waves, swimming in calm water or playing sand. Its beauty can make you unwind all the tired in your mind due to work or travel long to the Green Bay.

You can also camp here at low tide. For those interested in camping, you need to get permission from Meru Betiri National Park staff in advance. The reason is that you can meet wildlife such as deer and leopard that are walking through the Green Bay. You certainly don’t want to get them distracted.

When you are already satisfied playing on the beach, proceed by walking again about 20 meters from the beach. On the east side of the beach, you will find a small hill. On the hill, there is an attractive 8-meter high waterfall. It is said that this Green Bay waterfall is an angel’s bath. When the afternoon arrives, you can also enjoy the relaxing atmosphere while enjoying the beauty of sunset in Green Bay.

The beauty of the Green Bay from Sarongan village, Banyuwangi will also look very beautiful even the rainy season arrives. In the rainy season also, you can see the rainbow hanging over the waters of the Rajegwesi Bay. This phenomenon lasts for several days. When the rainy season causes the rocks to grow slippery, therefore, you are advised to wear mountain sandals and be more careful.

Access to Green Bay Beach, Banyuwangi.

This Green Bay location is a very beautiful place hidden in the city of Banyuwangi. You need to travel 91 km until you arrive at Rajegwesi, Pesanggaran subdistrict with a plain that is not as smooth as paved roads.

The transportation you can use to get to Bayuwangi Bay Green is a motor or a similar car Land Rover or Trooper because you will find off-road. You can also take public transportation to Green Bay from the city of Banyuwangi. You can take a small bus route Banyuwangi-Pesanggaran in the bus station of Brawijaya. After that, you get off at the Jajag Bus Station or Pesanggaran and take the village transport to Green Bay. You can also use private vehicles or rent them.

Entrance Ticket Admission of Green Bay Beach Banyuwangi

The price of entrance to Green Bay beach is cheap. In the post of Rajegwesi, you need to pay the Green Bay beach entrance fee of IDR 7.500,00 per person. In addition, you will be charged a fee of IDR 5000,00 for motorcycles, IDR 10.000,00 for car and IDR 50.000,00 for six-wheeled vehicles. From this post, you can choose to take a boat to the Green Bay of Banyuwangi.

For those who bring children or parents, we advise you to rent a boat from Rajegwesi beach. You only pay one person IDR 25.000,00 (each way) and IDR 35.000,00 (roundtrip). This water travel time is only about 15 minutes. If you have enough stamina and like tracking, you can walk past the cliffs and valleys by 2 kilometers.

For those of you who do tracking, after passing through the valley and cliff roads, you will find a beach. This beach is not Green Bay despite its adjacent place. The name of this beach is rock beach or Pantai Batu. From this once sandy beach, you still need to walk another 300 meters to discover the secret access to the Green Bay coast. When you see two rocks that confront you, you have arrived at the right place.

Tips to Green Bay

The trip is quite a long way to Green Bay coupled with the condition of tourist spots away from the big city makes you need to have a lot of preparations. These items that you need to bring or wear so that you can enjoy Green Bay is a provision of food and beverages, medicines, raincoats, mountain sandals, and dress clothes.

That’s a review of the beautiful Green Bay charm from Sarongan village, Banyuwangi that you must visit. The stunning charm will be the best refreshing place for you who are tired and busy with a day of activities. For you who are from outside the city, you can first go to the nearest airport such as Banyuwangi Blimbingsari Airport or Juanda International Airport by using airlines such as Wings Air. For a more efficient trip, you can take advantage of airline ticket deals from airlines and trusted travel agencies. Enjoy a fun holiday with friends and family. Happy Travelling


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