Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Atomic Bomb Dome)

Hiroshima Peace Memorial

When “Little Boy” ended World War II

On August 6, 1945, it was a historical and heartbreaking day when a 20,000-ton TNT atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima from a height of 10,000 meters. The Bomb “little boy ” was dropped from the B-29’s long-range bomber “Enola Gay ” piloted by Paul Tibbets ended the World War II

War is over, but the humanitarian side, we get a very expensive lesson. Hiroshima’s atomic bomb victims reached 140,000 people, not to mention the victims suffering from the radiation caused. The history of the dark became a lesson for humanity.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

To commemorate this tragedy, Hiroshima has now built a museum complex and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. we can see a monument and a timeless fire dedicated to the victims. Around the site, there was also a monument called “Children Peace Monument”, to commemorate the story of Sadako, a child who died from leukemia disease due to atomic bomb radiation. Sadako died while she was at Grade 6 elementary school or about 4 years after the atomic bomb tragedy.

There is also a museum that holds a collection of atomic bomb victims. Some bicycles melt due to heat radiation, the rest of the clothes burned, to the photographs of the victim. It was grievous and heartbreaking.

The Atomic Bomb Dome

In Hiroshima, there is also one building that is kept as it is, in remembrance of war cruelty. The building, or called “The Atomic Bomb Dome”, became the symbol of Hiroshima city until now. The building was built by an architect from Czech in 1915 and was used as an industrial promotion place by the municipal government of Hiroshima. Inside the building, several international exhibitions and councils are often conducted. If anyone knows the cake “Baumkuchen “, supposedly the first time brought from Germany and traded in this building. 

The Atomic-Bomb Dome, located just 160 meters from the atomic bomb drop point. Morning on that gripping day, several building officers were preparing an exhibition. Suddenly, the atomic bomb crashed and exploded. No employees and people left in the building, all exposed to the atomic bomb explosion. However, the building was not destroyed. By the Japanese governments and UNESCO, the building was used as a monument representing the prayers of many people about world peace. 

May the Hiroshima incident not be repeated. No More Hiroshima Tragedy!

How to get to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

From Hiroshima Station JR

  • 20 min by Tram (Hiroshima Electric Line).
  • Get off at the Genbaku-Dome Mae Tram stop (Atomic Bomb Dome)

From Hiroshima Airport Airport Bus (direction Hiroshima Bus Center)

  • 20 min by Tram (Hiroshima Electric Line).
  • Get off at the Genbaku-Dome Mae Tram stop (Atomic Bomb Dome)

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