How Hiking Helps Lose The Weight

Some people turn to diet fads to help them lose the weight. But more often than not, these do not seem to work as a diet should really be designed for an individual’s specific body needs. And the truth is, you’re better off sticking to a tried and tested method for weight loss, such as hiking.

Hiking is cheap, accessible and requires nothing less than just pure determination and your presence to follow through. If you’re looking for variety to make losing weight more fun, there are plenty of ways to go about hiking, as you can do this in various environments. Plus, there’s an added benefit to this method since, you also get to enjoy the beauty of nature and the world around you.

What you Will Need

hiking tips and benefits

Hiking Boots.

Get a good par of boots or shoes in order to facilitate proper movement. Wearing the wrong shoes can inevitably cause accidents, such as spraining your ankle. A bad pair may also force you to drag your legs, instead of hiking properly. You could hurt your hips and thighs when this happens.


Before setting out, you have to also make sure to apply on sunblock to protect your skin. Even if you hike off in the early mornings, you have to put this on, or pack a small bottle with you, if you’re hiking extends up to later in the day. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Carry around a bottle or two of water so that you hydrate along the way and keep your body’s energy and temperature going. You will need water to replenish and rehydrate, because the hike can also deplete your body’s fluids.

Pulling Weight

Mountain hiking is particularly helpful in losing weight fast because you need to exert more force and pressure climbing the tracks. This does a lot of good for burning body fat, as well as toning your muscles and strengthening your legs. Additionally, it’s also a good aerobic exercise for your heart.

To add variety to your routine, you have to carry a backpack with you for stuff you may need along the way, such as a handy towel and a bottle of water. Fill this backpack with at least 15 lbs of content. This load is just the right amount of extra weight you could carry around, to make the hike even more challenging. What this does is also increase the force your body’s system needs to cope with, thereby burning more fat and calories. It also helps increase your endurance, allowing your body to grow stronger.

Burning More Calories

Aside from the physical effort, when you hike off in the early mornings, the breeze triggers your body to work up even more in order to sustain your body’s temperature. This means that fat stored in your body is converted to heat energy double time, thereby enhancing your weight loss regimen.

Do this several times in a week, but don’t overdo it. Give your body some time to rest but be consistent with your system.

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