Canadian Tourist Visa – How To Apply Online

Canadian Tourist Visa

Processing visas can be a challenge initially. Completing forms, assembling documents from a huge list of required documents, and navigating through lines at the embassy — thinking about it could overwhelm anyone who is looking to travel for a vacation. If you’re planning to visit Canada It’s not a good idea to think about with the fact that Great White North’s website for visas that is available isn’t exactly user-friendly with links that lead to more complex websites and lists.

However, obtaining that Canadian visa isn’t so complicated as it seems. It’s possible to apply for three choices to could go about it: complete the application at the Embassy in person, or mail the documents, or apply online. Of course, online is the preferred method and we’ll discuss it in this piece.

Canadian visa tourist requirements

Before you can access the visa application site It is recommended to complete and submit all the required documents and the following requirements:

  1. A valid passport, Make sure the passport you have is in good condition for a year. You can also check your biopage.

  2. Form completed IMM5257 The form is available in HTML0 format. an Application to Visitor Visa Form here. The link works with Internet Explorer as well as the most current version of Adobe Reader, so make sure to download the form.

  3. Accomplished Family Information form Complete this IMM5645E form. If you fill it in using the previous number it is only compatible with Internet Explorer or the latest Adobe Reader version.

  4. Passport-sized digital images The white background photos must conform to all the requirements that are listed here..

  5. Income proof This is the place you’ll be able to prove that you’ve got sufficient funds to pay for your trip as well as a stable method of securing your trip towards the Philippines. Create bank certificates within the last four months, documents of employment, income tax returns (ITR) as well as evidence of assets as well as business permits. The more you have to hand out the more, the better. If you’re not employed and someone else is taking care of the expense you must submit an affidavit of financial support, along with the sponsor’s proof of financial capacity.

  6. The history of your travel Scan all your visas, entry and exit stamps, as well as passports that are valid with valid visas. Put all these documents together in a single file for easy access

  7. The purpose of traveling The embassy should know that you’ll only be travelling to Canada for a short period of time. Include flight reservations, tour itineraries, hotel accommodations, etc.

Beginning with your web-based application

When you’ve completed the above requirements ensure that you make soft copies of all the files. The following types of files are supported by the website The accepted formats are PDF, JPG TIFF PNG, DOC DocX.

  1. Create the personal CIC Account (GCKey) The GCKey is essentially an account that permits users to use CIC’s Canadian web-based services of the government, which includes the possibility of getting the visa you need. It’s a simple step-by-step procedure of how to get this right here..

  2. Upload your documents to the page you have chosen Once you’ve created your account successfully and clicked the “Start Your Application” button You must select”Visitor Visa” as your “Visitor Visa” option before the website redirects users to an uploading page. Once you’re on the page, you must ensure that all your requirements are in order and you can upload them online. You can’t submit the online application even if one of the files is not there. Once you’re done, you can put your full name on an electronic signature.

  3. Pay the fees required to apply for the application. Visa fees are $100 Canadian dollars.. You are able to pay with any credit card that is valid under MasterCard, Visa, or American Express.

  4. You must wait until you receive your applicant number within the next 24 hours an email will be sent to you with the number of your application and some details regarding how to handle your biometrics.

New biometrics standard

According to CIC’s website biometrics (essentially your fingerprints as well as your photo) are required by law to be provided in the event of an international visitor who requires a visa. This change was implemented on the 3rd of December 2019. The final step of the entire visa process is to provide these to the embassy. So, firstly, you’ll need to wait for the biometrics instructions letter (BIL) according to number 4. Then, you must schedule your time to have your biometrics sample collection. An appointment confirmation letter will be sent to you with the specifics of your appointment, as well as an address for the Canada Visa Application Center (VAC). Visit at the centre in person in order to submit your biometrics, as well as other documents required from you.

A few things to be mindful of while taking your biometrics is that your hands should be free of henna and injuries as well as to dress in bright, bold colors for your photograph.

A waiting game

Congratulations, you’re almost done! Nowall you need to do is await results. You can see how your application is progressing through your CIC or GCKey Account by clicking”Check Status and Messages “Check status and messages” button. If your application is accepted (yay! ) If it is approved, you’ll get an email asking for your passport. You can apply in person at the nearest visa center or can mail it.



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