Hi Traveller, This Is How To Avoid Money Changer Fraud In Bali

Some time ago a viral video circulated about a tour guide who was angry with a money changer staff who was proven cheating tourists who were customers of the tour guide.

The tour guide was angry, he struggled to develop tourism in Bali. But the existence of this money changer fraud can destroy Bali tourism, which will ultimately harm all parties, just for the sake of momentary profits.

This money changer scam actually does not only happen in Bali but can occur in any country. For that, you must be vigilant so that this does not happen to you.

Here are some tips on How To Avoid Money Changer Fraud In Bali.

1. Know the current value of the currency

It’s important to know the value of the currency of the country that you will visit (in this case, Bali, Indonesia). For accurate data, you can check it directly on the bank or the internet.

Generally, banks have special boards that show currency values. Look at this board. If searching on the internet, make sure the date you see the exchange rate matches today’s date.


2. Exchange money before departure

You should exchange your money with the currency of the country of destination before leaving for vacation. It is intended that you do not inconvenience when just arrived in the destination country.

In the destination country, it could be that your currency is priced cheaper than before you left. Of course, you do not want to lose right?


3. Don’t exchange money at the airport

Money changers at the airport often value your money cheaply. Therefore, avoid as much as possible to exchange money at the airport.

Money changers outside airports usually have a better rate. Changing money at the airport should only be done in two conditions:
– You haven’t had time to exchange money from the country of departure,
– You feel you have no time to look for money changers outside the airport.


4. Avoid exchanging money near attractions place

You are not encouraged to exchange money near attractions, Generally, money changers, which are close to attractions, value foreign currencies at relatively low prices. That means, your currency will be priced cheaply. Money Changer near tourist attractions also has the potential to be a scam, such as a viral event some time ago.


5. Exchange your money only at an authorized money changer

Well, here it is the place to exchange money that you should pay attention to, both when exchanging in the country of origin or even in the holiday destination country. Try to exchange at an official place, such as a bank or money changer that has an official character with a green label. The official sticker is green with the words “Use Authorized Money Changers” and a shield symbol with the words “Authorized PVA”. If you do not find a money changer bearing the “Authorized PVA” logo, do not trade there

Pedagang Valuta Asing/ PVA Berijin, Photo via google

6. Recalculate your exchanged money

Do not rush to leave the counter where the money exchange. Recalculate the amount of money you exchanged. Make sure the value is the same as or close to the current exchange rate.


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