How to get to Dieng Plateau By Public Transportation

How to get to Dieng Plateau

From Semarang to Dieng

If you intend to Dieng from Semarang use public transport. You can find the bus of Semarang -Purwokerto Wonosobo from Terboyo bus station, Semarang.

The mileage required about 3.5 hours with the route of as follows: Semarang-Ungaran-Bawen-Ambarawa and Secang-Temanggung-Parakan- Kertek-Wonosobo-Dieng.

If you want to use a private vehicle, you can through Bandungan with the route as follows: Semarang-Ungaran-Bandungan- Sumowono-Ngadirejo-Jumprit Tambi-Kejajar-Dieng.


From Solo to Dieng

Although there are not many buses directly from Solo to Wonosobo but there are some bus companies serving this route. You can also get the bus in the Tirtonadi bus station of Solo-Purwokerto via Wonosobo. It is about 180 km, it needs travel time for about 6 hours. The track is (Solo-Kartasura) (Salatiga-Bawen-Ambarawa) (Secang-Temanggung- Parakan-) (Kertek – Wonosobo) (Kejajar-Dieng).


From Magelang to Dieng

The track from Magelang is the crowded road to Wonosobo. About ten minutes once there is a bus coming and going. The last bus is about at 7 pm departing from the bus station inter Magelang city. The track is about 65 km with the travel time is about two hours.The track is about 65 km : (Magelang Secang) (Temanggung – Parakan) – (Kertek-Wonosobo) – (Kejajar-Dieng)

Besides that, there is an alternative route to Wonosobo from Magelang, especially to shorten the way of Borobudur-Wonosobo. There is route micro bus directly from Magelang to Wonosobo but it doesn’t reach in Wonosobo city, the only subdistrict in Wonosobo, Sapuran.

From Sapuran to Wonosobo is 18 km and many routes are ready to serve you. Borobudur – Wonosobo path often used as a travel alternative.


From Purworejo to Dieng

The track of Purworejo is not too crowded, both crowd of vehicles and settlement. The road is good enough but winding sharp enough and uphill. There is no big bus serves this route, but many micro bus operates. Since  Purworejo bus station moved to the new bus station, the department bus of Wonosobo is not included in the bus station among Purworejo cities. Microbus majors Wonosobo usually found in the old bus station and in Purworejo Plaza.

If you are from Yogyakarta, please get down in Don Bosko intersection, get on city vehicle and get off in the old bus station or on the Purworejo Plaza. The mileage from Purworejo-Wonosobo is about 50 km and travel time for about two hours. The right track is (Purworejo-Loano) Sapuran-Kalikajar) (Kertek-Wonosobo) -(Kejajar-Dieng).

If you get on private vehicles,  please be careful because the track is rather narrow, many trucks usually transport the timber.


From Yogyakarta to Dieng

No route directly from Yogyakarta to Wonosobo. However, because of the track of Yogyakarta-Magelang-Secang-Wonosobo-Banjarnegara-Purwokerto or Semarang-Secang-Wonosobo-Banjarnegara-Purwokerto is very crowded, automatically from Yogyakarta to Wonosobo is very easily.

From Giwangan bus station, or from Jombor bus station, taking the bus of Magelang and down at Magelang then to Wonosobo. The total of around 120 km and the travel distance is about 3.5 hours. The track is (Yogyakarta-Sleman-Tempel) (Magelang-Secang) -(Temanggung-Parakan) Wonosobo)-(Kejajar-Dieng).

Besides through Magelang, you can also Purworejo track. From Giwangan bus station or Gamping, taking the bus of Purworejo and continuing to Wonosobo. The total mileage is about 120 km and the time is about 3.5 hours). The route is (Yogyakarta -Sentolo-Wates (Purworejo). Next, follow the track of Purworejo.

If you want more comfortable to enjoy your trip to Dieng, you can use the best tour service: From Yogyakarta: Dieng Plateau Golden Sunrise Trip


From Kebumen to Dieng

Although it’s still rare, actually there is a direct path Wonosobo-Kebumen. Its course deviation and up and down. You can get a bus from Wonosobo-Kebumen in Kebumen bus station but only some buses are available. The distance is about 65 km and the travel distance is about 2.5 hours. The route: Kebumen-Wadaslintang-Kaliwiro- Selomerto-Wonosobo-Kejajar-Dieng.


From Pekalongan to Dieng

If you take private transportation, the trip to Dieng from Pekalongan started toward the south through Linggoasri, Paninggaran, Kalibening, Wanayasa, Batur, and last to Dieng.

If you use public transportation, from Pekalongan taking a small bus majoring in Kalibening, get off at the junction of Wanayasa. From Wanayasa get on the small bus to Batur market. Finally, you must change public transportation by taking a small bus to Dieng.

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