How to Save Money on Roaming: Essential Tips for Travelers

How to Save Money on Roaming: Essential Tips for Travelers

Are you tired of being hit with excessive mobile roaming charges every time you go on a trip? With the reintroduction of EU roaming charges following Brexit, it’s become even more important to be vigilant about your mobile usage abroad. From uploading holiday photos to answering calls, every action on your phone can result in hefty roaming fees. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. This comprehensive guide will show you how to save money and avoid bill shock when using your mobile abroad. Follow these essential tips and enjoy your travels without breaking the bank.

1. Buy a Roaming Package: Protect Yourself Before You Travel

Many mobile networks offer prepaid roaming data bundles, particularly for non-EU countries where roaming data is more expensive. It’s crucial to check for these packages before embarking on your trip to avoid facing staggering charges. Failure to do so could leave you paying as much as £15 per megabyte of data, meaning a single Facebook photo upload could cost you £45 or more.

While there’s currently a voluntary limit of £45 per month on roaming charges, it’s essential to read the terms and conditions carefully, as there may be exceptions. The previous EU protections no longer apply, so taking proactive measures is your best bet for saving money.

2. Switch to a Network with Affordable Roaming Rates

If you’re a frequent traveler, switching to a network that offers cheaper roaming rates could significantly reduce your expenses. Virtual networks often provide the best deals when it comes to roaming charges.

Consider Lebara as an example. Lebara utilizes the Vodafone network in the UK, allowing you to use your UK plan allowances abroad in the EU or India at no extra cost. With an unlimited data plan, you can enjoy up to 30GB of data during your travels. By opting for a network like Lebara, you could save over £50 on a four-week trip compared to using one major network that charges £2 per day for EU usage. Additionally, you may also find savings on your regular plan.

3. Use a Local SIM Card: Beat Expensive Roaming Rates

If the roaming rates for your destination country are exorbitant, consider purchasing a local pay-as-you-go SIM card upon arrival. For instance, when traveling to the USA, you can acquire an Ultra Mobile Tourist SIM for $30, which includes 3GB of data, unlimited US calls, and international texts for 21 days. You can order SIM cards from eBay before your trip to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Switching SIM cards is a straightforward process. Remove your current SIM and insert the new one. Some phones even have dual SIM slots, allowing you to use both your regular and travel SIM cards simultaneously. This way, you can receive and make calls with either SIM while utilizing the travel SIM for data. Switching SIM cards might cause issues with apps like WhatsApp and banking applications.

4. Switch Off Roaming Data: Prioritize Cost Control

If you can manage without constantly checking social media or relying on Wi-Fi available at your accommodation, switching off roaming data is an effective way to prevent unpleasant surprises when you return home. Disabling roaming data on your device eliminates the risk of accumulating a substantial data bill.

To deactivate roaming data, access the Settings app on your iOS or Android device and search for the “roaming” option. Once located, switch off the roaming feature to ensure your data usage remains controlled during your trip.

5. Make Calls on Wi-Fi: Connect Economically

Suppose you must make calls back home while abroad and need a roaming deal that includes free or affordable calls. In that case, you can utilize apps such as WhatsApp or FaceTime to make calls over local Wi-Fi connections. Most hotels offer free Wi-Fi, making it a convenient and cost-effective option.

Similarly, consider sending WhatsApp messages instead of traditional text messages, as they are often much cheaper. You can stay connected by leveraging available Wi-Fi networks without incurring hefty charges.

6. Download Rich Media for Free: Prepare in Advance

To avoid using excessive data or high roaming costs during your trip, use Wi-Fi connections to download any music, movies, or maps you might need in advance. Complete this preparation before your departure, ensuring you have all the necessary media stored on your devices.

By proactively downloading content over Wi-Fi, you can entertain yourself and your companions during long road trips or while waiting at airports without the need for continuous data usage.

By implementing these essential tips, you can significantly reduce your mobile roaming charges and have peace of mind while traveling. Be proactive, plan, and take advantage of available options to stay connected without breaking the bank. Enjoy your trips abroad confidently, knowing that you’ve taken measures to save money and avoid bill shock caused by excessive roaming fees.


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