Jakarta Textile Museum, A Way To Learn Batik at Very Low Cost

Location of the Jakarta Textile Museum, precisely on Jalan Aipda KS Tubun 4, very close to the Tanah Abang Railway Station. This Jakarta Textile Museum, has a collection of traditional fabrics from various regions in Indonesia. The Jakarta Textile Museum also stores a diverse collection of batik motifs in various parts of Indonesia. You can also find a collection of traditional weaving equipment from various regions in Indonesia at this textile museum.

Jakarta Textile Museum

The location of the Jakarta Textile Museum is rather hidden. Street vendors sell along the sidewalks in front of the textile museum fence, so that they seem to cover up the existence of this textile museum. The museum is open to the public every Tuesday to Saturday, starting at 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. For Friday and Saturday the museum closes early. The textile museum entrance ticket is IDR 5k

You can also take part in training in batik, weaving and various other types of training that are still related to Indonesian textiles in this textile museum. Training held by the textile museum includes:
– natural coloring course,
– tie dye,
– beads application,
– silk painting,
– learn to embroider.

One of the most sought after visitors today is learning to make batik. Because the process of batik and processing are fairly complicated, you will be challenged to try to make batik.

If you want to learn batik, you can take part in batik training in the textile museum at a cost of only IDR 50k for local visitors, and IDR 75k for foreign visitors.

How to get to the Textile Museum Jakarta

To get to the Jakarta Textile Museum there are various modes of transportation to that location. If you choose to use the bus, you can take the Transjakarta R 507 or T 502 bus depending on your starting point. To make it easier for you, you can first learn through the moovit application or click here


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