August 12, 2022

For those of you who will visit Yogyakarta and want to feel the sensation of cycling in the Malioboro area, the Government of Yogyakarta City has now launched the JOGJABIKE application to make it happen.

jogjabike, Photo via

“Those who want to enjoy Yogyakarta by bicycle, we provide paid bicycles. The method is to download the  application first, “said Yogyakarta Mayor Haryadi Suyuti at the launch of Jogjabike.

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For now this online bicycle facility can only be enjoyed in the Malioboro area. There are several points to get these bikes including:

  • Malioboro street,
  • in front of Inna Malioboro Hotel
  • Kepatihan
  • Tugu Titik Nol
  • Beringharjo market.

This online-based bicycle is purely locally made in Indonesia. The presence of the bikesharing is the result of cooperation between Jogjabike and the Yogyakarta city government. This bicycle is equipped with a smartlock device for security. For the initial stage, new bike sharing services are around Malioboro. Periodically there will be 1,000 bikes spread in various public facilities and tourist destinations.

Jogjabike is different from applications in China or Singapore because it doesn’t just put it after it is used. Every user starts and then finishes, must be at ShelterPit provided. The bikes provided are in accordance with the contours of Yogyakarta, where the majority of the roads are flat, “he said. This program is believed to be able to support tourism in Yogyakarta. That is to make Jogjabike a new tourist destination.

“The hope is that tourists can enjoy Yogyakarta by bicycle. They just have to download the application, ”

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