Journey to Lake Toba’s Oasis: Taman Simalem Resort’s Best-Kept Secrets!

Taman Simalem Resort

Nestled proudly before the renowned and idyllic Lake Toba in Merek, the sprawling 206-hectare estate of Taman Simalem Resort came into existence.

The indigenous Batak (Karo) term ‘Simalem’ beautifully encapsulates the notion of tranquility and comfort, a true reflection of the surrounding natural splendor.

Perched at an impressive altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level, the invigorating, bracing air immediately bestows a profound sense of well-being, while the panoramic vista of Lake Toba evokes genuine wonder.

In the year 2001, PT Merek Indah Lestari, a subsidiary of Hotel Sibayak Berastagi, forged a partnership with a Singaporean investment entity and serendipitously stumbled upon an untapped expanse of verdant pasture. Their audacious mission: the establishment of Taman Simalem Resort.

Positioned a scenic 4-hour drive away from Kualanamu International Airport, and a breezy 45-minute to 1-hour journey from Berastagi, Taman Simalem Resort transcends conventional mountain resorts. It represents a harmonious blend of tourism and agrotourism, boasting organic farms, bounteous fruit orchards, as well as tea and coffee plantations.

Notably, the bountiful produce from Taman Simalem Resort’s organic farm occasionally graces the shelves of Medan’s supermarkets.

Beyond its well-appointed lodgings and opulent villas, Taman Simalem Resort unfolds a tapestry of opulent amenities. These encompass a meticulously crafted golf course, charming cafes, gourmet dining establishments, an exhilarating outbound adventure zone, inviting fishing ponds, meandering forest trekking trails, a diminutive zoological haven, an agrotourism marketplace, a sacred temple, a resplendent flower garden, and a cascading waterfall.

Additionally, a striking yet presumably still-in-progress addition is an aerial cable car system, poised to whisk visitors from Taman Simalem Resort to the serene shores of Lake Toba below.

Designed with families, educational excursions, friends, and romantic getaways in mind, the resort extends an array of programs and activities, affording respite from the rigors of daily existence, all amidst the embrace of Mother Nature.

Admission to the enchanting realm of Taman Simalem Resort commands an approximate fee of Rp 250,000 per vehicle.

While it might be observed that the rates for the resort’s myriad offerings, encompassing accommodation and fine dining, tend toward the upper echelons, this financial outlay becomes eminently reasonable when weighed against the unparalleled ambience and experiential opulence that a sojourn here promises.

Moreover, every guest chamber is thoughtfully appointed with expansive windows, presenting captivating vistas of the lush gardens, untamed jungles, meandering rivers, or the serene expanse of the majestic lake.

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