Kasiak Island Attraction in Padang West Sumatera

Kasiak Island Attraction in Padang West Sumatera

When the holiday season is coming, many people visit various tourist attractions. Visiting tourist attractions in Indonesia is a fun activity. Many natural places that have not been touched by humans so this will definitely be very interesting. One of them is visiting small islands. There is one interesting island to be explored. Kasiak Island is one of the small islands in Indonesia. And this is an explanation about Kasiak Island Pariaman located in West Sumatera.

The beauty of Kasiak Island

Kasiak Island is a small uninhabited island. The island has an area of 2.5 hectares which can be used as a tourist island with a very beautiful atmosphere. Tourist Attractions in Padang Pariaman are still very beautiful and natural because not many people visit this island as a tourist island.

The island is in a calm sea area, with not so big waves and white sand. So that it will be very safe to activity on this island. The marine biota that is there is very complete and the water is clear, so the underwater beauty looks from the surface.

Not only that, the turtles can also be seen there. The types of turtles that often rise to the surface of the beach are leatherback turtles and hawksbill turtles.

You can also see coconut trees while activity in this place. In addition, there are many activities that can be enjoyed with friends or family, especially for those of you who really like to enjoy the beauty of the enchanting sea.

On the island of Kasiak, there is a lighthouse that is 40 meters high. This lighthouse serves as a guide tower for boats and ships around Padang Pariaman.

Location and Access to Kasiak Island

Kasiak Pariaman Island is in the province of West Sumatera, Padang Pariaman. This island is located at 56 kilometers away from the city center of Padang. You who want to travel there can take a private or rental vehicle. You can also take public transportation. For tourists who want to ride public transportation, the train is one of the best ways that can be used. You can start the journey by going to Padang Pariaman train station. From the station, walk to Gondoriah Beach which is not far from the station.

Gondoriah Beach is access for crossing to Kasiak Island. There, you can find transportation for crossing. There are wooden boats belong to the local residents who can take you with 6 passengers. Sea traveling from Gondoriah Beach to Kasiak Island takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes.


Kasiak Island
Kasiak Island | Photo via pelangiholiday.com

Activities on Kasiak Island

Visiting the tourist attraction in Sumatra, there are many activities that can be done as follows.


Swimming on Kasiak Pariaman Island is one of the most enjoyable activities. You can enjoy the clarity of the sea water on this island while looking at various types of coral reefs or shallow marine biota. The wave on this island is quite calm will make you able to swim for long time and safely.

Seeing Turtles

On this island is a natural breeding of these turtles managed by Turtle Conservation belongs to the Pariaman city government. You can see turtles going up to the surface, even walking around the beach.


You can also picnic on this island. Because there is no adequate facility on this island, you have to bring food from home. You can eat food with friends or family while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Kasiak Island Lighthouse

On this island, there is a lighthouse that serves to provide guidance for the ships passing around the area. Now, visitors can go up to the top of the lighthouse for enjoying the beautiful scenery. The blue ocean will be seen more freely. Likewise with several other small islands located around the city of Pariaman.


If you like fishing, you can also bring your own fishing gear to fish on the island. Fish caught is fresh that can be cooked. You can also set up a tent, then cook the catch.

Hunting photos

The natural scenery on this island will be very beautiful if captured by camera. You can also take pictures on top the lighthouse. In this tourist attraction, you can get the best moments.


Another activity that can be done there is camping. You need to ask permission first with the island guards because this island is the locations for turtles to lay eggs. If indeed you are not allowed to camp there, then don’t camp there.

On Kasiak Island, we are prohibited from littering. Because it can make the island dirty and dirty. So we must maintain its beauty.

Thus are some explanations regarding Kasiak Pariaman Island which can be used as a pleasant and charming tourist attraction in West Sumatera. Hopefully this article can provide useful information.

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