August 19, 2022
Kiluan Bay

Indonesia as an archipelago has a variety of tourist attractions that are interesting to visit. And Kiluan Bay (Teluk Kiluan – Indonesian) is one of thousands of beautiful and stunning tourist attractions, especially for those of you who love sea tourism, accompanied by cute and adorable dolphins.

kiluan bay
Kiluan Bay, Photo via

Kiluan Bay is a migration route for bottlenose dolphins and long snouted spinner dolphins. There is also  Gayau lagoon which is formed naturally with its turquoise sea water near from the bay.

Kiluan Bay is located in Bumi Sari Natar, Tanggamus Regency, Lampung. Kiluan Bay is a suitable place to watch dolphins swim freely in the open ocean.

You can rent a traditional (Ketinting) boat to the middle of the bay to be able to watch dolphins, Hundreds of dolphins will welcome us shamelessly. The number of dolphins here is because Kiluan Bay is a migration route.

There are two types of dolphins that cross Kiluan Bay, which are bottle nose dolphins and long beak dolphins. You can come in the morning or evening to watch this dolphin. Usually dolphins will appear at 6 am to 10 am. In the afternoon, dolphins usually will appear again at 4-5 in the evening. But weather can also affect the appearance of dolphins.

Kiluan Bay

After playing with dolphins, you can snorkel at Kiluan Bay. Besides dolphins, Kiluan Bay is also a habitat for various types of ornamental fish and coral reefs. If you’re lucky, we can find a whale.

Kiluan Bay is also a favorite place for professional anglers. Kiluan Bay is visited by reliable anglers every year.
After being satisfied playing in Kiluan Bay you can try swimming in the Gayau lagoon which is behind the Kiluan Bay hill. To reach the Gayau Lagoon can be reached by driving for 30 minutes. Before arriving at the Gayau Lagoon, you can play first on a beach full of large rocks. After crossing a beach full of large rocks, we will arrive at the Gayau Lagoon formed by a basin on the beach.

The waves form the coral in the Gayau Lagoon into a pond with very clear turquoise water. We can swim in the pool one to three meters deep.

The best time to visit Kiluan Bay is during the dry season, April to September. At that time the chances of meeting dolphins will be greater and the path to Laguna Gayau is not slippery and easy to pass through.

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