Kintai Bridge And Iwakuni Castle, Beautiful Spots in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Kintai Bride

The name Iwakuni is rarely heard by people. However, Iwakuni can be put on your anti-mainstream visit destination in Japan, Iwakuni can be a great choice. Iwakuni is a small town in Yamaguchi Prefecture with a population of approximately 150,000 people.

Kintai Bridge built without using nails

The most interesting place in Iwakuni is Kintai Bridge. Kintai Bridge is a wooden bridge built in 1623 by Hiroyoshi Kikkawa. Kintai Bridge is very famous in its era because it is built without the use of metal spikes and crosses the river Nishiki in the stream

In the course of time, Kintai Bridge has to be destroyed both by flood and the typhoon. In 1950, Kijiya Typhoon destroyed most of the bridge that was over 300 years old Japanese society then rebuilt the Kintai Bridge in 1953. The development of the bridge is traditionally done to keep the authenticity effect maintained.

5 Arch of Kintai Bridge

The interesting thing about Kintai Bridge is its sharp arches. There are five arches on the bridge which is also a representation of the area symbol Honshu

Construction at the bottom of the Kintai Bridge uses 6 different types of wood that are intertwined with each other to keep the Kintai bridge not collapsed. The wooden interwoven at the bottom of the bridge is a result of the very detailed handicrafts of Japanese artists from the end.

How to get to Kintai Bridge

Kintai Bridge is very easy to find, because Iwakuni is a small town. Kintai Bridge is also the pride of Iwakuni city.

From Iwakuni station, we can take a bus that takes about 20 minutes to reach the bridge.

If you want to see the most beautiful appearance of this bridge, come during the cherry blossom season, around early April. So, we will see the bridge with the background of the cherry blossoms blooming on the outskirts of the river

Iwakuni Castle

In addition, Iwakuni Castle was built by Kikkawa Hiroie in the year 1601-1608, not far from Kintai Bridge. Iwakuni Castle was built as the residence of Kikkawa Hiroie and the center of its forces that time.

Iwakuni Castle is located on top of the hill so to climb on it we need to ride the cable car. The view from the top of the castle is gorgeous. We can see the bridge Iwakuni from the height.

From the cable car station, we need to walk a little hike to reach the Castle Iwakuni. A little tiring, but when we get to the front of the castle, we can see the mystical and mythical aura of the former shogun of the past.

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