Kuta Beach – Exoticism of sunset and white sandy beach

Kuta Beach is one of the many exotic beaches in Bali. Kuta Beach is famous for the beauty of white sand among tourists and local tourists. Likewise with its beauty at dusk, while waiting for the moment the sun sets on the horizon. Kuta Beach Sunset presents the beauty of a beach that is so exotic in the dim sunlight.

How to reach Kuta Beach

To reach the beach location from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport can be reached in 10-15 minutes in smooth road conditions. There are several alternative vehicles that you can use to go to Kuta Beach.


There are several taxis operating in Bali but the most recommended is Bluebird. Many taxis that have a blue color resemble bluebird, Here are some tell-tale signs you found a “real” Blue Bird taxi:
– Uniform Drivers. They wear a blue button-up shirt with little bluebirds on them.
– Corporate Logo (Blue Bird with a photo of a bluebird)
– Head Rest. It will be a white cover with the bluebird logo.
– Sun Screen. There will be a logo and big text in the sunscreen on the windshield.
– Serial Number. This will appear on the side of the body, dashboard, and rear of the car.
You can stop the Bluebird taxi that passes on the road or call it through the mybluebird application.

2. Grab

Grab is a popular online-based transportation service in Southeast Asia. Now you can get this transportation service officially at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Denpasar Bali Airport.

3. Private Arrival Transfer: Bali Airport to Hotel

kuta beach sunset

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History of Kuta Beach

In the 19th century came a famous Danish trader named Mads Lange for the first time in Bali. Mads Lange is well-known among the Balinese kings and managed to establish a trading center in the Kuta region because of his expertise in negotiating. At that time, Kuta became a port city and trade, many migrants from outside Bali bought local products offered.

Hugh Mahbett through his book entitled “Praise to Kuta”, invited the people of Kuta to prepare to welcome the tourist explosion by preparing tourist accommodation facilities. This book was then considered as a source of inspiration that began construction of tourism facilities such as hotels, restaurants and other entertainment places around Kuta beach.

Attraction of Kuta Beach Bali

Like other beach tourism, Kuta beach has a unique view of the charming Kuta beach when the sun goes down. Kuta Beach Bali offers a charming natural color treat. Orange tones at dusk make the Kuta beach very exotic. The beauty of Kuta beach makes it difficult for you to forget. Therefore, Kuta beach is also known as the Sunset beach

Besides sunset, Kuta beach, the beach waves in Kuta Bali are also very friendly, especially for beginner surfers. In fact, many schools or short courses for beginners and professionals in the field of surfing sports are taking place here. So it is not surprising if the Kuta Beach Bali is often chosen for the location of water sports competitions that held internationally.

There are many choices of hotels to stay around Kuta Beach. If you are a backpacker who wants to save costs for just a place to stay, there are plenty of cheap places to stay at Poppies Lane 1 and Poppies Lane 2.

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