Lagundri Beach in South Nias – 1 of the 10 Best World Surfing Beaches

Lagundri Beach South Nias

Indonesia is a country that is rich in natural beauty, namely beaches and oceans. One of the beautiful beaches is in North Sumatra, precisely on Nias Island. An interesting beach to explore as a tourist spot is Lagundri Beach. The beach and sea around Nias Island are increasingly attractive because the island is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean. This tourist attraction is also often visited by world tourists. Here are some explanations about Lagundri Beach.

Lagundri Beach South Nias

The Beauty of Lagundri

Lagundri Beach is located on Nias Island, close to Sorake Beach which is famous for its beautiful scenery. The high wave windings combined with blue sea water and white sand sparkle make this beach a favorite for surfers, not only from Indonesia but also the whole world.

For ordinary people, the name Langundri Beach may still not be familiar. However, tourists who like surfing certainly know the name of this beach because this beach is one of the best beaches for surfing.

The story of those who have visited this beach, making Lagundri Beach even more famous today. In fact, according to sports lovers, Lagundri Beach is recognized as one of the ten best surfing locations in the world and worthy of the waves in Hawaii.

Surfing lovers from various countries visit Lagundri Beach every year, especially in the April to September period, when the weather is good. They surf by enjoying waves that reach seven to ten meters high. Not only that, the push from the waves here can also reach 200 meters.

Beautiful wave already well known to all corners of the world making Lagundri Beach is chosen as the location of surfing competitions both national and international levels. One tournament that is routinely held every year and includes the surfer’s obligatory agenda is the Nias Open, which is often dominated by athletes from Australia.

Lagundri Beach Favorite Place for Photographers

The right time to visit Lagundri Beach is in June and July, because this month the waves and the weather are fine and surfing competitions are often held.

During the competition season, Lagundri Beach is not only the target of surfers, but also those who have a hobby of photographing. Photographers deftly take pictures to capture the moments of the surfers’ action with the beautiful background of Lagundri Beach.

If you are not interested in surfing. You can still enjoy Lagundri Beach by watching the actions of world surfers.

If it’s not in the competition season, Lagundri Beach is relatively quiet so it is ideal for tourists who want to take a vacation in the midst of silence. The beauty of the sunset is one of the leading natural phenomena that has high selling value on Lagundri Beach.

Relaxing on sparkling white sand and the breeze on the edge of Lagundri Beach makes your holiday on Nias Island an unforgettable experience.

Location and Access to Lagundri

The location of Lagundri Beach is adjacent to Sorake Beach which is also popular with tourists and surfers. Precisely in Botohilitano Village, Teluk Dalam District, South Nias Regency, North Sumatra. Even though the location may be a little remote and requires a long time to get there, however, this beach remains a prima donna, especially among surfers.

And because of this remote location, this beach location remains natural and beautiful to this day. This beach can be reached with a distance of approximately 12 km from the capital city of South Nias, Telukdalam City. This is what makes tourists do not want to quickly return to their home countries when visiting this beach. Many of them stayed there, especially when certain events were held there.

To be able to arrive at Lagundri Beach and Sorake Beach, tourists can use two ways, namely by air, and by land.
1. Air Transportation (From Medan)
If you want to use air transportation, then you can start the journey from Kuala Namu Airport, Medan. From this airport, there are two airlines that can take you to Nias, namely Wings Air and Merpati. Departure time is around 7:00 a.m. And if you want to go back to Kuala Namu Medan, the scheduled departure from Gunungsitoli Nias is 8:20. From Gunungsitoli, you can take a public vehicle in the form of a minibus.

2. Land Transportation (From Sibolga)
To go to Nias by land, you can start the journey from Sibolga City because the city is the closest and easiest city to access there. In Sibolga there will be intercity buses and travel fleets. From Sibolga, tourists can take a boat or ferry to get to Mount Sitoli. The sea trip will approximately take 11 hours. The departure time is at 9:00 p.m. and will arrive in Nias in the morning at approximately 07:30. But reportedly there is a choice of faster crossing boats at a price that is certainly more expensive.

Lagundri Beach Travel Prices

To enjoy tourism on Lagundri Beach, here are some price lists that might help you in preparing your trip to get there. Prepare your travel budget and plan your trip as well as possible.
Ticket prices for Kuala Namu – Nias are around IDR 700.000 for 1 flight
Public transportation of minibuses from Gunungsitoli Binaka Airport to the Coast IDR 40.000
Ticket prices for economic ferry boats are IDR 69.000
Ticket price for ferry cabin IDR 103.000
Prices of food around the beach IDR 25.000 (food in the class of fried rice)

If you want to stay around Sorake and Lagundri Beach, you can get lodging that is reasonably priced, which is approximately IDR 75.000 per night with standard facilities that are quite complete.

Such is the explanation of Lagundri Beach as one of the tourist beaches that is very suitable for surfing. Hopefully the explanation above can help your tour.

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