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Below some tips to get cheaper ticket prices that you can use when you plan to visit the Legoland RecreationalPark located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. You will get a promotional Legoland ticket price cheaper than the normal price, only sometimes it is not promoted/ reported on media. Let’s look at some tips to get cheaper tickets to Legoland Malaysia.

Tips to get cheaper ticket prices

1. Use a Maybank card
You will get discounts up to 30% from the normal Legoland ticket price or depending on the applicable promotion. Each card may be used to purchase a maximum of 8 tickets per transaction. You can buy Legoland Malaysia entry tickets online or onsite using a Maybank card and inform the clerk at the sales counter related to the promotion of Maybank – Legoland.

2. Buy online early.
For those who are accustomed to online, this might be normal, but for ordinary people, they will go to Legoland and pay the full price.
Terms of purchase on Legoland’s official page:

Purchase discount for buying tickets early:
1 week at the beginning of a 7% discount
2 Initial week discount of 14%
3 initial week discount of 20%

Determine Initial Purchase:
1 week early: 7%
Initial 2 weeks: 14%
Initial 3 weeks: 20%

3. Free Tickets With Utusan Newspaper
This one needs a little effort. But if you are friends or your mother who subscribes to the Utusan Newsletter, you can start calling now. Because you can get a free ticket

Discount: 100% (Free Ticket) with Free Ticket Redemption
there is one site called LuxMalaya. Here you can browse Legoland Promo there. Always updated with Legoland promos.


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