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Tourist Attractions in Negeri Sembilan

Negeri Sembilan is known for its architectural style created by the Minangkabau. This great tribe from Sumatra ruled here centuries ago and also left behind many customs and traditions.

The capital of Negeri Sembilan is Seremban, 64 km southwest of Kuala Lumpur and connected to the capital by a first-class expressway. It only takes a little more than 30 minutes by car to get there.

Tourist Attractions in Negeri Sembilan

Seremban’s Lake Gardens

Tourist Attractions in Negeri Sembilan
Seremban Lake Gardens, Photo by hermitaurous

Almost every major city in Malaysia has its green lung, small or large. Seremban has its beautiful parks in the city. Two pretty lakes lined with tropical trees amid lush flowers, bushes and plants. On one of the lakes there is a floating open-air stage on which music concerts or even folklore shows take place from time to time. This beautiful city park is dominated by the State Mosque, whose nine columns symbolize the nine districts.

The Cultural Handicrafts Complex

Tourist Attractions in Negeri Sembilan
Cultural handicraft complex Negeri Sembilan, Photo credit

This small center for handicrafts and local customs is located near Labu Spur, not far from the center of Seremban. It offers a well-tended, small range of products from local handicrafts, most of which are based on historical models.

The Negeri Sembilan State Museum

Tourist Attractions in Negeri Sembilan
Negeri Sembilan State Museum, Photo credit

The museum is located in the old palace of Kampong Ampang Tinggi, very close to the handicraft complex. This structure is made entirely of wood and all of the country’s historical artifacts have been collected here. Also within easy reach is the “Rumah Minang”, a residential building in the style of the Minangkabau area.

The Seri Menanti Royal Museum

Seri Menanti Royal Museum

This beautiful old palace was once the residence of the rulers of the Negeri Sembilans. It was made a museum as early as 1908 when it was rebuilt according to old models. It was set on fire by the British during the conflict in the Sungai Ujung War last century.

Port Dickson

Tourist Attraction In Negeri Sembilan

From Seremban it is not far to Port Dickson (32 km), the port of the state of Negeri Sembilan. And since Kuala Lumpur is not far either, the small port city has become a very popular destination for city dwellers. It is a small water sports area, has nice little beaches and also a few hotels of different categories, rest houses and also quite good seafood restaurants.

Seven kilometers further on is Kota Lukut, where the fortress of Raja Jumaat stood, who was the military head of the Bungis in the middle of the 19th century. This facility was built in 1847 to control the tin trade in the area. Today only a few remains can be seen, such as the foundation walls of the palace and the princely burial place.

Pedas Hot Springs Water Park

Tourist Attractions in Negeri Sembilan
Enjoy the hot waterpool, photo via

Half an hour by car is the 30 km from Seremban to the hot springs of Pedas. You can lie there in the hot water, relax, go for a walk and nibble a small snack from a cookshop.

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