January 31, 2023

The Merritt Parkway Museum is a museum located in Stratford, Connecticut that is dedicated to the history of the Merritt Parkway, a limited-access highway that runs through southwestern Connecticut. The museum’s collection includes artifacts, documents, and other materials related to the history of the Merritt Parkway, including its design, construction, and impact on the region.

Visitors to the Merritt Parkway Museum can explore exhibits on the history of the highway, including its design and construction, as well as the impact it had on the region. The museum’s collection includes a variety of items related to the highway, including photographs, documents, and artifacts.

In addition to its exhibits, the Merritt Parkway Museum also offers educational programs and events for visitors of all ages. These programs may include lectures, workshops, and other activities that provide more in-depth information about the history of the Merritt Parkway and its significance to the region. The Merritt Parkway Museum is a unique attraction in the Stratford area and is a great place for people interested in the history of transportation and infrastructure.


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