Loh Buaya Komodo National Park | Rinca Island

loh buaya Komodo National Park

Loh Buaya Komodo National Park is one of the Komodo dragon habitat in Rinca Island. Komodo  can also be found on Komodo Island and Padar Island. Rinca Island is also called Loh Buaya.

When we arrive on Rinca Island, we will be greeted with wooden inscriptions that read “Welcome to Loh Buaya”. Some dragons will welcome us just a few meters from the gate. The challenge to the nest of dragons on Rinca Island begins.

Komodo at Rinca Island, Photo via pixels.com

The rangers or handler will guide and protect us during our visit to Rinca Island. For that, listen to every information and obey every regulation submitted by the guide. It is very important for discipline because dragons are animals that live in the wild and are very dangerous.

The size of the Komodo dragon on Loh Buaya komodo National Park is smaller compared to the Komodo dragons on Komodo Island. But ancient reptiles on Rinca Island are known to be more agile and aggressive.

Before the body reaches its maximum size, a Komodo dragon can even climb trees. This is an instinct to avoid the threat of a larger Komodo dragon.

Komodo gestures look relaxed and Komodo seems to walk slowly, but make no mistake, the Komodo dragon is able to run at speeds of 20 km per hour, able to climb, can swim, even dive to a depth of 4.5 meters.

Komodo has a very sharp sense of smell. Komodo is able to smell with a radius of 5 km from where it stands.

Like snakes, dragons don’t eat every day. The average Komodo dragon eats only once a month. But once eating, a Komodo dragon can eat a goat or deer, then digest it slowly, until the next meal time arrives.

Komodo will bite its victims first when targeting large prey. After being bitten, saliva which contains a lot of bacteria will slowly kill the prey. Komodo will eat its prey after being killed.
There are more than 60 types of bacteria in the saliva of Komodo. One of the bacteria in the Komodo saliva can cause blood poisoning. Bitten prey can die within a day to several weeks due to poisoning in the blood.

The sex of the Komodo dragon can be seen from its size. If the male Komodo has a large body and head and a long tail. While female dragons have small bodies, small heads with slightly tapered. The tail of a female Komodo dragon is also shorter.

Hopefully your visit to Loh Buaya Komodo National Park can be an exciting experience in your life

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