Monkey Forest Ubud Bali, Not Just Seeing Monkeys

monkey forest ubud bali

Monkey Forest Ubud Bali is a protected forest inhabited by hundreds of tame monkeys and is one of the tourism objects that have a strategic location. Tourists can easily reach the monkey Forest Ubud because the location is close to the center of Ubud.

Monkey forest ubud
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Monkey Forest Ubud is better known compared to other monkey forest in Bali, therefore monkey Forest Ubud is always crowded with tourists, both local and foreign. No less, 10 thousand tourists visit Monkey Forest Ubud every month.

Whats On In Monkey Forest Ubud?

Visitors who visit Monkey Forest Ubud not only because of the existence of monkeys but because Monkey Forest  Ubud is also known as one of the sacred places by Hindu people in Ubud.

In Monkey Forest Ubud There are about four groups of monkeys, including the long-tailed monkey that has the Latin name Macaca Fascicularis. Besides, Ubud Monkey Forest is also a conservation area for 115 species of trees.
Monkey Forest Tourism object in the village of Padangtegal with an area of about 10 hectares. The people of the village also preserve the survival of monkeys as well as forest areas of Monkey Forest Ubud. The monkeys in this area are spiritual symbols and have economic and educational roles for local communities.

You don’t just see monkeys here

Monkey Forest Ubud is preserved by Balinese Hindu as a manifestation and to live their religious principles, Tri Hata Karana. Tri Hata Karana is three principles that must be lived to be able to gain happiness. Therefore, they also want to make Ubud monkey Forest as a location to be able to maintain the harmony of human beings with nature.

Monkey Forest Ubud is also known as the Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana. As the name suggests, this place is a special habitat made for the housing of the monkeys. About 340 monkeys are inhabiting the Monkey Forest area of Ubud.

Monkey Forest Ubud In addition to being used for the conservation facilities of the monkeys and trees that are there, there is also a temple called the Temple Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal or known as Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Local people often do special ceremonies in the temple that is done as a form of reverence to the animals inhabiting the Monkey Forest area of Ubud. The ceremony is known as Tumpek Kandang and Tumpek Unduh.

Things you should pay attention to

While in the Monkey Forest area of Ubud, there are several things that visitors should always be aware of:
Do not provide food that is commonly consumed by humans to monkeys such as nuts, biscuits, bread or snacks. This is done as a preventative step to maintain their health. Unless you are giving away their natural foods, like bananas and other fruits.

-The existence of monkeys in this forest is highly respected by the community around the Monkey Forest area of Ubud. Do not take action that is considered disrespectful of the monkeys
-Keep the cleanliness of the Ubud Monkey Forest area by not throwing garbage.


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