Mount Kelud Attraction in Kediri East Java

Mount Kelud Attraction

Mount Kelud is a volcano that is still active in the borders of Kediri, Blitar and Malang regencies. Dangerous but monitored, Mount Kelud Attraction offers a charm that attracts both local and overseas tourists with its timeless beauty.


Mount Kelud in East Java province is also obliged to enter the list of tourist places. If you are planning to set foot there, this is information about mountain which has a height of 1,731 meters above sea level.

Before exploring and enjoying the beauty of Mount Kelud Tourism in East Java, let’s see the privilege of this tourist attraction.

History of Mount Kelud

Mount Kelud has erupted approximately 30 times since 1000 CE. Based on the written record, this erupting occurred in the years 1901, 1919, 1951, 1966, 1990, 2007 and last 2014. We can see the period between the eruptions of volcano is 9 – 25 years.

This period includes short compared to the other Indonesian mountains of volcano. Almost every single time is strong. Consequently Mount Kelud should always be supervised because it can cause casualties. Therefore mount Kelud should always be supervised because it can cause an active eruption of Mount volcano.

The most severe eruption of Mount Kelud occurred in the year 2014. Although there were no casualties that were a direct result of the eruption. Ash rain limits the visibility of people in Java. Consequently these towns became paralyzed. The airports of Surakarta, Malang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Cilacap, Semarang and Bandung must be closed. Many buildings experience destruction. The agricultural industry and the dairy industry suffered massive losses. In addition, the crater lake disappeared. You need to wait a few years to see it again.

Mount Kelud Tourism Route

For those of you who will travel to Mount Kelud in Kediri, here are the routes that you can go to the top of the mountain; The starting point for a trip to Mount Kelud is located in Kediri area.

From the city of Kediri, you need to travel approximately 1 hour by private vehicle until arriving at the tourist gate of Mount Kelud. The ticket is cheap. The admission ticket price of Mount Kelud is Rp. 5000,00 and Rp. 10,000,00 on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

After paying, you can continue the journey with your vehicle. The journey will make your heart a little pounding because you will find the climb, narrow streets and a typical winding trip on the mountain. Nevertheless, the view of green trees and local farms will entertain all the way on this slope. Moreover, fresh air and cool clean mountains can calm your mind.

You can breathe a breath of relief if you have arrived at the parking area. You will see lined stalls offering a variety of food, snacks and drinks to release the thirst in this place. You can sit and eat fried noodles and a cup of coffee to collect energy that has been lost while enjoying the extraordinary scenery of nature.

After resting, you need to continue the journey towards the son of Mount Kelud created as a crater lake water drain. The length of the tunnel is 150 meters and not scary, let alone beautiful view of Mount Kelud children await you.

Tourism object of Mount Kelud Kediri

After the eruption in the year 2014 ago, the condition of Mount Kelud is not much different, the branches that are dry from the eruption, has now changed to green again and make tourism activities Mount Kelud in East Java normal back as it is available. Now, you can enjoy the beautiful green scenery of the mountains.

Do not stop there, continue the journey to one of the famous peaks, the peak Gajahmungkur. In this place you can see the lava dome both day and night. When you arrive at night, the scenery will be more spectacular as the lights the flickering decorate this place.

Before you get off the mountain, your exciting journey hasn’t ended. You will find the hot springs at the foot of the mountain located on the right lane that was previously passed when entering the area of Mount Kelud. You have to pass through the steep streets to get to this hot spring. Once there, enjoy and feel the warmth of the hot springs that come from the crater of Mount Kelud. This water will make the nerves and muscles of the legs to relax again. Because this hot water content can make skin more clean, healthy and also beautiful.

For you nature and mountains lovers, the trip to enjoy the tour of Mount Kelud in East Java is mandatory to be included in the next adventure agenda. For you from outside the city, you can use the train or airline to the city of Surabaya. There are many airlines that offer cheap flight tickets to make your trip more efficient like; Garuda Indonesia, Batik Air, Lion Air, and other airlines. Let’s explore and enjoy Indonesia’s beautiful natural richness and mountains. Happy Travelling.!


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