Mountain Trekking in Lanzarote – Tips and Safety Advice

Mountain Trekking

There are many reasons to travel to Lanzarote. You might choose to visit the island in order to sample the beaches and the surf, you might go there in order to build up your tan and lie around the pool, you might go there to explore and go caving, or you might go there so that you can experience the desert.

However one more reason you might travel to Lanzarote could be to explore the mountains, and this is one of those few destinations that features the great juxtaposition of mountain ranges and sandy beaches.

If you want to take some amazing pictures (why hello new Facebook profile!), if you want to have a great adventure that tests your fitness and keeps you healthy, or if you want to just enjoy the fantastic views, then this is a great option for something to do on the island. But you do need to be careful and take precautions. Here then we will look at how to explore this area safely.

What to Take

First of all, you shouldn’t head up a mountain without taking the right emergency supplies. Make sure that you have enough clothes to keep you covered and that you are protected by the sun or the cool winds that you will find at high altitudes. You should also bring sun block and shades for this reason, and if you have asthma then you should keep an inhaler handy.

More important is wearing good shoes, and you should be very careful to take with you the best mountain walking boots that will provide you not only with a lot of grip, but also support for your ankles and protection for your toes.

Emergency supplies are also important, and that means bandages and plasters, a torch, medical supplies, scissors and a knife, a mobile phone with good network coverage, and lots of spare water. Freeze dried foods are also useful.

Never assume that you don’t need to take emergency supplies – even if you are only going for a short journey for a couple of hours things can still go wrong and it always pays to be prepared.

Staying Safe

When you head up and down the mountains you should set off early to make sure that you leave yourself plenty of time. Stick to the marked out trails and make sure that you plot your route out on a map. If you should notice it starting to get dark, if you should get lost, or if a member of your party should become ill or injure themselves, then head back immediately. You should also make sure you have the contact number for the local emergency services who can send out a search party in worst case scenarios.

When scrambling down ledges this can be the most dangerous part of the trekking. Make sure that when you head down steep gradients that you walk in a zig-zag motion to avoid building up speed. Likewise you should take hold of branches as you come down if possible which you can use to steady yourself and to hold yourself up if you should trip and fall.

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