Mt. Fuji in Japan, A Beautiful Painting of The Creator of Nature

Mt. Fuji

Visiting Japan is incomplete without visiting Mount Fuji. With an altitude of 3,776 meters above sea level, Mt. Fuji has been named the highest mountain in Japan and is regarded as one of the distinctive panoramas of Japan.

You can enjoy views of the peak of Mtt Fuji from Tokyo’s substation and Shinkansen train windows when the weather is clear.

Mt. Fuji in Japan is a source of inspiration

The most beautiful scenery will make you bewitched instantly. The beauty of Mt. Fuji is well known in many countries. and become a source of inspiration for various works of art. Starting from paintings, photographs, to literary works. No wonder that this active volcano is visited by many tourists both local and international.

In 2013 Mt. Fuji was designated a world heritage site. For those who don’t know, Mt. Fuji is located in Yamanashi Prefecture. Not so far from Tokyo, the center of the Japanese capital.

How to get to Mt. Fuji

For visitors who start their journey from Tokyo can use a train or bus. If you don’t have much time, it is recommended to take the train using JR Wide Pass. The journey starts from Shinjuku Station to Otsuki Station. Then you can change trains to Fujisan Ekspress to get to Kawaguchiko Station. After that, take a bus to arrive in the Kawaguchiko area. This route also applies to you who want to visit Mount Fuji by bus. After spending hours on the road, you will meet Fuji, a mountain that will make you fall in love in an instant.

Although the sun is quite hot, the air there is very cold and windy. For those of you who live in the tropics, the temperature of Mount Fuji can be a problem, you might get cold if you don’t prepare everything properly.

See the Beauty of Shibazakura

Shibazakura, or Hanatsume Kusa, or the Latin “Phlox Subulata” is a kind of flowering shrub that is dark pink.

Shibazakura grows in spring, usually starting in bloom from April to May. With the expanse of Shibazakura flowers in bloom, making Mt. Fuji more beautiful and enchanting.

Fuji Shibazakura Festival
Fuji Shibazakura Festival, photo via

As long as the Shibazakura flower blooms, the Fuji Shibazakura Festival will be held in Yamanashi Prefecture, precisely at the Fuji Motosuko Resort.  At the Fuji Shibazakura Festival, you can see a variety of Shibazakura flowers ranging from pink, white, and purple colored plants planted with more than 800,000 plants. Besides Shibazakura, you can also enjoy muscan flowers, Ane Mone, Forsythia and many more.

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Mt Fuji Day Tour with Kawaguchiko Lake

On this day tour, discover Mount Fuji, one of the world’s most famous mountains and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the Kawaguchi Lake, and Oshino Hakkai nearby Mount Fuji, and see why everyone comes here when they visit Japan.

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