Nationaal Museum Speelklok tot Pierement Utrecht

Museum Speelklok

Museum Speelklok is one of the typical Dutch sights that are worth seeing! Museum Speelklok will guide you on a journey through the world of musical instruments that self-play and will delight its visitors daily with cheerful music throughout the museum. A great day out to Utrecht for kids and adults.

If you go to the classic Dutch Museum, Speelklok, with its lively entertainment, will be played by the ages-old self-playing musical instruments. The story of these instruments began in the 16th century in the Netherlands by using church carillons. People’s desire for a constant flow of music led to the invention of various self-playing musical instruments such as musical clocks, musical boxes orchestras (self-playing orchestras), and the more traditional Dutch street organs over time. 

All of these instruments, including the famous street organ named Arabier and the so-called 8th world wonder the Violina, are available to be seen and heard during the exciting tour of the museum. Through the expertly trained Restoration Room, the collection can be played, and the art form can be passed down from one generation to the following.

Museum Expedition

A recent addition to the museum is the Museum Expedition. Enjoy at your own pace the fascinating stories, the technical craft, and the fantastic music played by the various musical instruments. It is a Museum that is appropriate for youngsters of all different ages! Organ monkey Toon will take youngsters on an adventure through The museum to discover his most loved song.

A Royal Room in Museum Speelklok

The Royal Room, a majestic world brimming with glamour and gold, will be presented to you. The stunning musical clocks and other instruments with self-playing music that you can find here were usually used by rulers to emphasize their position and the power they wielded. Enjoy luxuriously decorated clocks made of expensive materials and elegantly constructed. Learn how they are infused with symbolism, constructed using the latest techniques, or decorated by moving images. Most importantly, listen to their stunning music.

The enormous clay clock that is reputed as “The Night Watch” of organ clocks is the most prominent aspect of The Royal Room. Royal Room. The magnificent clock made by the clockmaker Charles Clay, ca. 1738, is one of the most significant in the chronology of clocks made with organs. In addition to the breathtaking appearance, it’s music. The clay clock is awe-inspiring and features compositions composed by G.F. Handel. This music composed by Handel is still undiscovered by the vast majority of us! With the recent restorations done through Museum Speelklok and the Rijksmuseum, the Clay clock now plays as never before.

Visitor Information

The free tour runs every hour, starting at half past the hour in Dutch and English. During the Dutch holidays, the museum is open on Mondays and organizes special events for adults and children. Museum Speelklok is located in the center of Utrecht in the Buurkerk, one of Utrecht’s biggest and most prestigious parish churches.

Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00h to 17.00h. During public holidays also open on Mondays.


Adult € 14.00
Children 4 to 12 years € 7.50
Museumcard: free
Combination Ticket Dom Tower & Museum Speelklok adult: € 20.00 children: € 11.50 – Only available at the museum or at the Dom Tower, not online


Steenweg 6
3511 JP Utrecht
The Netherlands
T: +31302312789

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